Monday, April 16, 2012

Running on Empty

I have noticed that a common problem shared by many scrappers is the ol' "what to write" conundrum.  Certain photos inspire journaling, but not all photos are like this.  The other day I created a page and realized that the journaling was present, but it was empty.  It didn't really say anything meaningful. It seemed like filler.

The moment I realized this, I tore apart the page, set aside the photo block, and redid the layout with more consideration toward the journaling.

There are certain lines that I don't want to cross as a scrapbooker, and one of those is complacency in journaling, just scrawling something to fill space. I figure, if my journaling sounds trite, devoid of my voice or any genuine feeling, then it isn't worth documenting that way, and maybe I need to change my approach.

I rarely will restart a page, but that page was a wake-up call for me.

Wilna Furstenberg started a thread on Two Peas today that asked, "What makes a page for you?"  She gave four choices: the picture, the journaling/story, the papers, or the embellishments. She then challenged people to pick just one.   Tough, right?

How could I not choose the journaling?  The photos are important, but the story is primary, the crucial ingredient.  Our eyes may notice the photos first, but for me, it is the story that "makes" the page.  Though it may be a challenge, I can create a photo-less page, but creating a page without journaling feels just plain wrong to me.  The words matter.

I'm glad I had this revelation before I sat down to complete the journaling on this layout for the JBS blog.
I tried to keep it real and honest, and I shared a few scattered thoughts that have been running through my head pretty often lately.  This is a page that matters to me, so much more than it would had I just written a blurb about where this photo was taken.

Sure, there I am in the photo, but if you look closely, you will find that I am truly present in the journaling.


  1. Great post, Jill!
    I always find journaling to be one of my most difficult aspects of scrapbooking. I am afraid of that very thing. Sounding trite or fake.
    So often times I will keep it short and to the point!

  2. SUCH great thoughts, Jill!! I totally agree. I'll pick journaling any day! ^_^

  3. How wonderful! I'm a weirdo and don't have a problem writing (English teacher), but I loved your suggestions and will take them to heart. Love the design too! TFS!

  4. Hi Jill! Thanks for checking up on me...i'm still alive, just not much scrapping going on over here hence the lack of blogging... Now that I've lost momentum I'm struggling to get back into it (both scrapping and blogging, that is) Very much in need of a mojo hit! xx