Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kit Love

There's this kind of "Kit" love...
Kit Harington (Source)
and there's this kind of kit love...
 JBS Mercantile May Main Kit
JBS Mercantile May Artisan Kit
JBS Mercantile May Antiquarian Kit
JBS Mercantile May Mini-Album/Project Kit
Both kinds of kits are worth ogling. :) 


  1. OK...just so long as I dont have to pay the IRON price for it. Sorry, been thinking about got too much lately ;) I love those wooden letters, never thought of stamping them...too cool.

  2. Очень круто! Чей концерт? У меня для Вас подарок в моем блоге, заходите.

  3. Oh goodness. I'm swooning over the music stamped letters. That is genius!

  4. This is one pretty kit:) Love your layout with it!