Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer At Last!

This afternoon, I left campus...and officially entered SUMMER!  As excited as that makes me, it feels really quite odd to be routine-less at the moment.  I am actually sort of overwhelmed by the possibilities, and have been compiling a kind of summertime "bucket list."  So far, it includes the following:
  1. Eat ice cream.  I wonder what it tastes like without the stress-eating aftertaste of guilt? :) 
  2. Given #1, be more active, more often.  Hit the beach. Visit the zoo. Hike Diamond Head. Do the dishes. Make a dent in the laundry. Shock my husband by doing the last two. 
  3.  Get outdoors.  Go out in the actual sunshine and enjoy it.  
  4. Paint the kitchen.  (We'll see about this one. It may be a little too ambitious for me.)
  5. Scrap. Scrap. Scrap. Scrap. Scrap.  
  6. Take more photos.  
  7. Read constantly
  8. Go to London.  Ha.  I wish.  
  9. Cook more often.  Try new recipes.  
  10. Spend as much time as possible with my daughter while she's still willing to spend time with me. 
  11. Learn something new, that I can take back to the classroom when school starts again.  
  12. Get a haircut. This is a big deal, given that I haven't had my hair professionally cut in, um, years. 
And the list goes on...we'll see where it takes me over the next few months.

Since my travel budget is quite limited (see #8...sigh...), I was also thinking about spending the summer visiting places on island where I have never been.  There are so many!  I've been inspired by a recent visit to Kawaiaha'o Church, where I realized how much history surrounds me here.
More details and a full supply list may be found at Two Peas in a Bucket.
Thanks for visiting today!  Here's hoping that your summer is off to a great start as well! 


  1. Gorgeous page. But I love your list!!! And I am so jealous of your proximity to the beach.

  2. yay summer! i've still got 2 exam days, a teacher work day, and a report card pick up day to get through. and then starts 2 wks of esl day camp plus two inservice days. oy!

  3. So great to see your list. And it's funny to see that you have a trip to Europe on your wishlist. I live in the Netherlands. And a visit to Hawaii would seem like a dream come true.Bye Irene

  4. I love the idea of a summer bucket list. I have to do that!