Friday, June 15, 2012


Apologies for being AFK for the past few days.  I'm on summer break, but you wouldn't know it, based on how busy I've been!  I have been trying to make time on weekdays to scrap, but it's been a challenge. Who knew that there'd be so much to do over the summer?   Speaking of making time to scrap, you might be interested in a thread that was started on Two Peas today, regarding the issue of finding the time to scrapbook.  

Today, though, I made time to scrapbook -- I had to schedule it, in fact.  I'm glad I did.  Last night I was faced with one of those stubborn pages that just would not look right no matter what I did, so I abandoned it, and decided to have another go at it today.  Apparently I just needed a little time and distance, because now it's done, and I actually kind of dig it!  It's for an assignment, however, so I can't share it just yet. 

I do, however, have a few others to share...
More details and a supply list may be found at Two Peas in a Bucket 
I absolutely loved creating this page.  It pulls together items culled from my daughter's backpack at the end of the year (with her permission, of course, which was no easy task to receive, given that she is, alas, a teenager whose concept of privacy extends even to her geometry homework). 

My favorite "find" was a teeny scrap of paper with "anarchy" written on it.  Classic. 
I also have a few more projects that I created using the June JBS kits , including this page of my crazy kitty Koko: 
I am a member of the pet paparazzi.  It's endlessly amusing to me to follow my pets, camera in hand, snapping a series of photos of them -- the cat rolling around in the driveway, the dog dashing through the grass, the cat and dog coming face to face unexpectedly.  
My husband and I recently celebrated our fifteenth anniversary, and I used the June JBS mini-album kit to document fifteen observations on married life. 

I also created a second mini-album using the main kit.  This one is a project that is very close to my heart.  
For a long time I have been struggling to find a way to tell the story of my grandmother's first pregnancy. It is a tragic story. My grandfather was away at war when my grandmother went into labor. The women in the plantation hospital who had received C-sections were dying, so the doctor refused to perform one on my grandmother. After a very long labor, she finally gave birth, but she lost her child. Years later, when I was pregnant with my daughter, my grandmother's story haunted me, and when I saw my grandmother hold my daughter for the first time, it was overwhelming. I created this mini-album to document both of our stories. 
More details about how I put it together may be found in the June JBS gallery.  

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  1. Love those layouts, the cat one especially! That polka dot background is so cute! Its definitely on my list of things to try!