Thursday, July 19, 2012


Ever since an electric company truck accidentally plowed through my cable line yesterday morning, I've been on a non-self-imposed Internet fast.  Yesterday I tried to access the Internet via my daughter's cell, but I am way too blind for that tiny screen, and apparently my fingers are massively bloated, like so: 
No, her keyboard was designed to be used by abnormally teeny tiny fingers, like these:
In any case, I felt so old, squinting at that screen, shaking my head, and whining about young'uns and their newfangled gadgets.  

My Internet connection was restored today, at last.  Three cheers for the tech guy who climbed a telephone pole to make it happen!  Channing Tatum on a pole? Not as impressive. 

Now that I'm back and using a keyboard that does not induce paralysis after three minutes of use, I'd like to invite you to check out the CHA challenges at Two Peas.  Although the folks at CHA are packing up, the fun continues at Two Peas, where you still have the remainder of the week to complete the challenges.  I came up with Challenge #3, which is to undertake a little bit of a scavenger hunt through your stash.  Locate (or create) the following items and incorporate them on a layout.  
- a product from your "old" stash 
- a product you've never used or opened 
- something from your purse/bag 
- your own handwriting 
- a computer-generated element 
- a quotation 
- a photo of yourself 
- at least 6" of thread, twine, or ribbon 
- a "C," "H," or "A" (or all three)
Here's my version: 
A full list of supplies may be found at Two Peas in a Bucket.
I used a few ”old" products here, including a Making Memories Vintage Hip trinket pin, a 7gypsies library card pocket, a vellum envelope, and a metal clip that's been sitting in my stash for years (and years). My never-used/never-opened item is a package of Crate Paper Pretty Party buttons, and I also cut into a few sheets from the BasicGrey Clippings, BasicGrey Paper Cottage, and 7gypsies Trousseau collections here. 
The item from my purse is an appointment card from my dentist. The computer-generated element is the journaling in the pocket. The quote is from Sylvia Plath (I'm so happy I finally used it on a layout!). As for the ribbon, I used a piece that I snagged from a box of candy (is it sad that I was more excited about the ribbon than I was about the candy?).
Thanks for stopping by today!  


  1. We had a similar issue last week, but it took our internet/cable/phone provider 3 days to admit that was the problem. First they shipped us a new "box" which didn't solve the problem. When they finally sent someone to see what the stupic customers couldn't make the box work, the line was cut - and yes, I'm still bitter (since we told them someone had been working out at the main box in our backyard.)

  2. Ok the hand thing made me laugh! Great layout!!

  3. Your post made me laugh. You have such a way with words, Jill!

    What a fantastic page and a super-fun challenge. Oh, I hope I can play. Been so busy and now I have a house guest.

    Fab job making the oldies on your page look fresh and new!

  4. I LOVE the Star Trek reference:) I have psoriatic arthritis and lots of times my hands really do look like this:) I think I could probably win a contest for the worst auto-corrects because I suck at typing on my iPhone.
    I am almost finished with your challenge and I really enjoyed doing it. I never take pictures of myself and I'm always behind the camera so it was a great opportunity to actually appear in my albums.