Sunday, July 29, 2012

Giveaway Winner + More JBS Sneaks

Happy Sunday!  It's been an, um, interesting day around here.  I had a slapstick kind of morning, reenacting practically every cliche in the book, including burning myself on the stove (worth it, because I was cooking bacon), stepping on a tack (and making my hypochondriac brain go crazy with thoughts of tetanus), and spilling hot coffee down my shirt (and pants). Luckily, the remedy was to be found at my scrap desk.  I avoided scissors, though, just in case. 

Here are a few more sneaks of the projects I've been working on with the August JBS Mercantile kits: 
I finally figured out the secret to glitter -- using a glue pad!  It actually works.  The glitter goes on smoothly instead of becoming clumpy.  It's brilliant.  All this time, while my glue pad sat neglected in a drawer, I believed that I was glitter-impaired, but no longer.  Dare I say, I even like the stuff now?  

On to the giveaway winner from the Two Peas blog hop!  Congratulations to...

Hooray, Donna!  I've forwarded your info to Two Peas, and you should be enrolled in the class shortly.  Have fun!  

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  1. How funny! Maybe I should pull out my glue pad too, and give glitter a try? :-)