Friday, July 13, 2012

I Am a Cyborg.

The latest CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration case file is officially open, and I had so much fun playing along as a "Special Agent" this week! 
Here's my take on Case File No. 28:
Details and a list of supplies may be found at Two Peas in a Bucket.
The "evidence" includes the use of circles, repetition, and putting something upside down, and the "testimony" is the documentation of something related to technology.
 I took screen shots of some of my online haunts and worked them into the layout.
The circle paper and the little monitor are from a CSI Coordinates PDF that all members can download for free.  This week's PDF is super cute!  
The journaling focuses on my online self. 
I incorporated some of the words and insights from cyborg anthropologist Amber Case, whose TED talk resonates with me.  
I've been meaning to make a layout like this for some time, and this challenge gave me the push I needed.  I also love the color scheme.  If you'd like to play along with the challenge, be sure to check out CSI.


  1. Wonderful! Did you simply print screen for all those elements?

  2. I printed the PDF for the circle paper without resizing anything. For the computer monitor, I took a screen shot of the image, cropped it so that I was only focusing on the monitor image, and then I resized it to make it smaller.