Tuesday, July 10, 2012

(P)noticed: 10 on the 10th

1. Pin:  
Source: Luci Everett/The Design Files
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2. Passage:  
 The main barrier standing between ourselves and a local-food culture is not price, but attitude. The most difficult requirements are patience and a pinch of restraint -- virtues that are hardly the property of the wealthy. These virtues seem to find precious little shelter, in fact, in any modern quarter of this nation founded by Puritans. Furthermore, we apply them selectively: browbeating our teenagers with the message that they should wait for sex, for example.  Only if they wait to experience intercourse under the ideal circumstances (the story goes), will they know its true value. "Blah, blah, blah," hears the teenager: words issuing from a mouth that can't even wait for the right time to eat tomatoes, but instead consumes tasteless ones all winter to satisfy a craving for everything now. We're raising our children on the definition of promiscuity if we feed them a casual, indiscriminate mingling of foods from every season plucked from the supermarket, ignoring how our sustenance is cheapened by wholesale desires. 
-- Barbara Kingsolver, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life (32)
3. Picture:  
This fell out of one of my yearbooks a few weeks ago, and I had a (very) good laugh. This one is most definitely appearing on a layout soon. 
4. Person:  I recently added Ashley Calder to my list of frequent blog reads.  I love her pages -- they're so soft and sweet, and so full of heart. 

5. Problem: I have major/massive/multiple deadlines this week, and I only have about 48 hours to get everything done.  Luckily, I'm a procrastinator, so that means I still have oodles of time left. 

6. Process:  I've been playing a lot with mist lately, as evidenced by my aqua, mint, and orange fingernails.  
I created this layout using the July JBS main kit, which comes with an awesome hexagon stencil.  I used two different approaches to misting here. At the bottom right corner is the traditional place-down-stencil-and-mist-over-it approach, while at the top left, I created that effect by misting the stencil itself and placing it face down on the paper.  
7. Product:  
I absolutely love the Kikkerland arrow sticky notes that I used on my "Pranked" layout from the Two Peas Garden this week: 
The full supply list and more details can be found at Two Peas in a Bucket.
8. Pleasure:  Oh, how I love sleeping in.  I've had such a busy summer, however, that I haven't had a chance to do this very often!  "First world problems," as my freshmen would say. 

9. Post:  Jay Dolmage, "Do People Change?" from the Bedford Bits blog.  Dolmage reflects on the life of Adam Yauch (of the Beastie Boys) and considers how the prospect of change can impact how we teach (and why): 
Yauch’s passing is sad, but his example is also empowering and motivating: We all can change. Who we are at 19 is not who we have to be at 20, or 29, or 39. I think this is an important lesson for writing teachers, shaking a bit of our sureness when we ask students to confidently declare who they are and what they believe in....
10. Present:  I'm excited about tomorrow's Woodland Park Blog Hop!  Come back and visit, won't you? :) 


  1. wow these are GORGEOUS creations!

  2. I relate to your person (have always enjoyed Ashley's projects!), product (the arrows are great!) and problem (I feel the time crunch!)

    Thanks for this post : )

  3. I LOVE both of your pages, Jill! I just checked out Ashley's blog and yes, she does have a sweet style. :)

  4. I really love your style. I think you are one of the neatest (coolest, not most orderly) scrapbookers out there today. I always get so much from what you share. Thanks.