Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sherlock Love

While this summer has sped by more quickly than any other summer on record, I did accomplish at least one of my summertime goals: watching both seasons of the BBC Sherlock series. My daughter is crazy in love with the show, and she has been after me for some time to watch it.  After viewing just a few episodes, I could understand the appeal -- intrigue, witty humor, fascinating characters, and complex plotlines. In addition (and perhaps, most importantly), it stars Benedict Cumberbatch and is set in London, both of which aren't half bad to look at longingly whilst sitting on my couch in my pajamas.

So when Case File #29 from CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration was revealed, I realized that it was about time to document my daughter's love of all things Sherlock
At first I wasn't sure if I could make the color scheme work with the subject matter, but I actually love how the neutrals and brights look together here.  For the challenge, my "evidence" includes labels, wood/woodgrain, a transparency, paint, angles, and journaling peeking out of a pocket.  The "testimony" includes a top ten list of quotations from the series that my daughter happily volunteered to compile for me. 
The yellow patterned paper is from Amanda Johnson's Housewife collection, from a few years back.  I've recently decided to stop hoarding it. It looks so much better on a layout than in some bin.  I also worked in some Studio Calico papers. The map of London and the crime report found their way out of my stash and onto the layout for which they were truly intended. 
The layout's details all relate to Sherlock and/or to my daughter's Sherlock love in some way. Many of them were selected in consultation with a Sherlock expert (the kid). 
More details and a supply li st may be found in my Two Peas in a Bucket gallery. 
Even though I had to do some detective work to locate everything for this layout, it was worth the hunt.   My daughter loves the layout, which means this case file is officially solved. :) 


  1. case solved indeed! love this!!

  2. I love this layout. My son got me hooked on the series as well. I lOVE the quotes. I can actually hear the characters saying them. GREAT layout.

  3. Isnt Sherlock just fab! Cant wait for it to come back for season 3 here in the UK.

    Love the layout and the inspiration behind it x

  4. Awesome layout! Now you have me interested in checking out this series!

  5. this is AWESOME! We TOTALLY love that show too--this is FANTASTIC way to document!

  6. I so love the layering on this one! Love that polka dot and grey map paper! So cool!

  7. I love this show! Benedict Cumberbatch is HOT!! I so love how you made this layout - it is AWESOME!