Monday, July 23, 2012


My summer vacation is winding down, and instead of rushing to make it through some ambitious summer bucket list, I've decided to whittle down that list to a whole lot of sleeping in and an extra helping of sitting on my butt. Soon enough, I'll be consumed with to-do lists, so I'm just going to enjoy the lazy days of summer while they last.'s what I've been up to: 

...reading Girls in White Dresses
I just finished this today. It was a decent summer read. I wanted to like it more, but as I made my way through its pages, I kept feeling as if I had read this book before. Several times. Single girls in New York City, looking for love, dealing with commitment issues?  Sound familiar? It's become a genre unto itself. Sex and the City did it well.  I'm not sure that anyone else really has since then.  Still, the book has its moments, and there are some likeable characters within it.  I actually like Jennifer Close's style, and I look forward to seeing what's ahead for her.  

...watching Breaking Bad. We just started the series a few days ago. It's oddly absorbing.  Z and I have also been rewatching Grey's Anatomy. We're on the second season right now.  It's strange to rediscover Grey's this way. It seems as if character development was primary in the early seasons, while now, it's all about throwing those characters into extreme situations (as in, violent rampages and plane crashes) and watching how they react.  Grey's Thunderdome

...scrapping a heckuva lot. Studio Calico is including October Afternoon's Woodland Park in its August kit, "Summer of '69," and I had a chance to play along, as part of a special October Afternoon feature on the SC blog. 
There will be more to come on the SC blog (and here) at the end of the month. 

I'm also putting the last of my JBS July kits to good use, and I'm starting to dig into the August kits, which are lovely. I'll have some sneaks to share soon!  Here's one of my layouts from the July kit that I haven't yet shared here: 
I had fun experimenting with techniques in this title. After cutting out the title with my Cameo, I used watercolor pencils and Speckled Egg re-inker (in mist form) to add some color in tiers. 

...listening to a mix of old and new favorites -- The Psychedelic Furs, Mr. Little Jeans, Jack White, Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, Of Monsters and Men, Beastie Boys, Ellie Goulding, Coldplay, Oh Land, Coconut Records, Matt & Kim, Depeche Mode, Translator, The Lumineers, and Sinead O'Connor. almost every night. When school starts again, this will all change, so I'm enjoying playing Martha while I can. 

...hanging with the furbabies. They love sleeping in even more than I do. 

Thanks for stopping by today.  Don't forget that there's still time to get in on yesterday's blog hop giveaway! 


  1. I think your plans are perfect! I am enjoying my own involuntary work respite while I can! And I'm very excited about your upcoming shares because I just love your scrapping style. Question: how does the English teacher in you feel about using good as an adverb. (I eventually looked it up because it was really bugging me on crafting videos: "ink up your stamp real good" and on sports casting and OED and Merriam say it's an adverb.)

  2. oh this all sounds good to me Jill!! summer rythm is so good!!! am loving this layout as ever (you never disappoint that is for sure!!) !

  3. Very pretty layout! Great work lately!!!

  4. I agree! Sleep in, read and take it easy while you can! My hubby and I discovered Breaking Bad last month and watched all the seasons. Absolutely love it!! And love your layout!

  5. I love your sneaks. The title talktalktalk is beautiful with the mist treatment. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I love your sneaks. The title talktalktalk is beautiful with the mist treatment. Thanks for the inspiration!