Thursday, July 26, 2012

We Can Take Off the T

Since I fancy myself a realist rather than a pessimist, I've decided that it's perfectly acceptable to use the word "can't" in my everyday language. At times, however, I do wonder about whether there really is power in positive thinking, and whether I need to embrace the Tao of Piglet more often than I do the Blah of Eeyore.

Still, the realist in me won't let me forget that no matter how inspiring this video might be, it's still an ad for a bank. :)


  1. LOL!!! This reminds me of the last Olympics when there was a beautiful commercial on taking about some kind of miracle, and it really was a positive story, and the girls at the SC message board were going on about how great the story was, and all I could think of was about how it was a great story but too bad Chase was exploiting it to gain advertising for themselves since after the story was shared the words CHASE filled the screen. Kinda felt bad I had to have the "realist" viewpoint there, if I could magically change that about myself I would, but since I am a fellow realist, I know I can not LOL!!!!

  2. I did not know it was a commercial for a bank -- someone is under-employed there I'd say!

  3. Wow - I had not seen this commercial. I'm such a sap. I totally get moved by commercials, especially the ones for Google Chrome. Remember the one for the little girl that was just born where her dad writes her an email every day? Or how about the one where the boy is trying to meet up with an ex-girlfriend because he's realized what he's lost? I could go on. Even if this one is a commercial for a bank, I still think it's a wonderful and powerful message. Thanks so much for sharing it.