Wednesday, August 8, 2012


School is back in full swing, which means that for the past few days, I've been crrrrrrazy busy.  As such, I don't have any scrappy shares for you at the moment -- well, not in the usual sense.  Tonight I did get crafty, but it was for a homework assignment.  My students are about to create collages depicting their understanding of the American dream, and I spent the evening preparing a sample:
I'm trying to show how the American dream, as it exists today, can be elusive. I see hope and goodness, but I also see greed and the need for instant gratification.  I do believe in each individual's potential for success, but at the same time, there are complex factors and obstacles that make the fulfillment of the American dream for each American (and those wanting to become Americans) difficult.

I wonder what grade I'll get?  :)


  1. I would give you an A for this one (in France we mark out of 20 so I would give you 20!) this is so creative.

  2. this is just AWESOME! VERY creative!

  3. This is powerful. You are a cool teacher.