Sunday, August 5, 2012

It Was Cool.

What I know about teenagers:
  • The moment that "-teen" is added to the age of a young homo sapiens, a special lubricating hormone is released that allows for optimized, nearly involuntary eye-rolling. 
  • The amount of text that teenagers generate in the course of a day via social networking far surpasses that which they generate in a typical school day. 
  • The daily words-spoken-to-friends to words-spoken-to-parents ratio is 456:1. 
  • A teenager requires a seemingly endless amount of financial backing, but simultaneously embraces the economy of language, summing up pivotal life events and fantastic adventures in three words:  "It was cool." 

Thus, the scrapbooking mother of a teenaged daughter faces a special challenge when trying to solicit said daughter's help with the journaling on a layout. Thank goodness the kid took lots of pictures when she went to Chicago! I have to say, though, looking at the photos on this layout, I must agree -- it must have been pretty cool. 
More details and a full supply list may be found at Two Peas in a Bucket


  1. Wow those statistics are interesting. I did spend many of my teen years on the phone running our phone bills up! That layout is cool I like the combo of colours and all the pics!

  2. That's one totally cool page looks like she had fun!

  3. LOL! Love those statistics! Great layout too!