Sunday, August 19, 2012


It's August. 
And it's hot. 
And it's still.
And the beach is calling. 
And school's in session.
I know. 

Thus, it would be cruel to call this time of year "summer."  It will heretofore be known as "pseudosummer," a pseudoseason characterized by hot and still days spent away from the beach. The diehards shun tanning in favor of nobler pursuits such as, say, learning.  It's a challenging time of year for many; it may very well be considered a trial by fire. As the temperatures soar, those who quest for knowledge indoors shall be purified by early bedtimes and the incessant chiming of alarm clocks, and shall learn self-control through the maintenance of to-do lists, planners, and schedules.  The reserves of strength that both students and teachers build up at this time of year will carry us through to pseudowinter.  

Closure, however, is important, so as I entered pseudosummer, I said farewell to summer with a layout celebrating one of the highlights of the season: 

More details may be found in the Jenni Bowlin Mercantile gallery. 
The good news?  Shave ice tastes awesome no matter what time of year it is. :) 

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