Sunday, September 30, 2012

JBS Mercantile October Kits!

The JBS Mercantile October kits are now available, and the design team gallery is chock full of lovely layouts, including layouts from this month's guest, Amanda Jones Robinson. This month's kits include one of my favorite lines in the history of scrapdom, October Afternoon's Midway, as well as lots of new Jenni Bowlin Studio goodies!

Here's the Papercrafting Kit, featuring an exclusive stamp and stencil:
This month's kit challenge is to get painterly with this kit, so I did just that:
I layered papers in varying sizes over each other, using pop dots between layers to create dimension. I cut circles in the top layer and used them as homes for accents. 
The October main kit also contains colors that are perfect for Halloween layouts. 
I created the bright orange background behind the photo by mixing JBS Chicken Feed paint with a dollop of modeling paste, and I used a palette knife to smooth the mixture over the paper. 
This month's featured die cut is a doily, which I tucked into one of the layers here. You should see what the rest of the team did with it! 

More details (including how I created the Halloween-ish "ombre" title) can be found in the JBS DT gallery

Have a great week! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Congratulations x 13!

Congratulations (eleven times over!) to the new Jenni Bowlin Studio Ambassadors! I'm so excited for each of these lucky ladies! 
Congratulations are also in order for two peas from the Two Peas community, who are the winners of the  Garden Girl blog hop giveaway: 
I'll be in touch via peamail so that you can make use of the gift certificates soon.  Enjoy! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Two Peas Gallery Updates!

I may not be a fan of Mondays in general, but there are certain perks to this day of the week.
For instance, I have my first Starbucks of the week on Monday.  

Mondays also herald a whole week ahead of learning, which is actually quite exciting to recognize, once I am fully conscious. 

Mondays also welcome LOTS of new layouts in the Garden at Two Peas! Today, I have two new layouts to share: 
For more details and a list of supplies, please visit Two Peas in a Bucket
Fall isn't exactly an obvious season here in Hawaii, but there is a sense of fall that sets in around this time of year. The mornings are a little darker -- and then a lot darker -- and the sun sets earlier and earlier. The back-to-school excitement gives way to a heightened intensity and focus, as my seniors become obsessed with college applications and essays. The rain falls a little (and then a lot) more often, and the dog wears the evidence on her paws (and tracks it in the house).  Then there's the food.  Ah, the food. Fall is all about comfort food and the flavors of home -- tomato soup and cheesy bread, roast chicken and gravy, and chocolate chip cookies. Fall is about family and gratitude and silliness and warmth and wonder. This layout is my attempt to capture all of that.  
For more details and a list of supplies, see Two Peas in a Bucket
Each time I see this photo, I want to kick myself for not wearing the right thing or letting my hair loose, but then I'm reminded that this photo is not about me.  It's about the woman at the heart of it all, my grandmother, who does not have much longer with us.  On this day, when we went to visit her shortly after hearing what her doctor had shared, we weren't thinking about dressing up and taking perfect photos. We weren't even thinking about photos, actually.  I just happened to have my camera in my purse, and my husband offered to take a photo of the four generations of women gathered together.  What is most important here is just what the layout says: today.

So many photos on layouts are perfectly posed, and though I've scrapped my fair share of let's-create-a-moment-for-the-camera rather than let's-capture-a-moment-as-it-happens photos, the imperfect photos have the most heart, I believe. They don't feel constructed; they feel real.  They document life as it happens, so that one day, when everything changes, there is still that moment, that realness, right there, reflected back at us, as a reminder that we are, and then we were, but we also always will be.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gardeners' Digest: September Garden Girl Blog Hop

Welcome to the Gardeners' Digest, a monthly update from the Garden Girls, the design team at Two Peas in a Bucket. We'd love it if you'd visit each of our blogs today to see what's in bloom in the Garden this month. 
Among this week's challenges at Two Peas in a Bucket is a real stash-buster!  The challenge is actually called "the STASH-BUSTING Layout," and it involves ten steps that will help you to make a dent in your stash while also creating a project that you'll love.  
The challenge begins today, and runs through next week Friday.  I do hope you'll decide to play along!  There's an extra perk: participants who upload their layouts to Two Peas by next Friday will be entered to win a Two Peas gift certificate.  Sweet. 
One of the posts this week on the Two Peas in a Bucket blog featured guest (and pea) Ashley Calder, who shared how she created the following layout based on inspiration she found on Pinterest.  In turn, I'm totally inspired by her! Every one of her layouts comes from the heart, and it shows. 
You can find more incredible layouts in Ashley's gallery at Two Peas in a Bucket. 
As of this morning, OA's Midway is now at Two Peas!  Here's what else I've been loving lately: 
Witch Hazel is my go-to line for Halloween projects this year.  I just used these uber-cute Tin Pins on a layout a few days ago.  Try saying "tin pins" ten times fast.  Is it even possible? 
You know how I am about printing on labels. While not all labels are printer-friendly, these OA Licorice Label Stickers sure are!  As a plus, these aren't really theme-y and can be used on all sorts of projects.  
I know that people tend to overuse the word "cute" (and I'm probably one of them), but c'mon -- these Doodlebug Ghosties are soooooo cute!  I'm not sure if they're going on a card or a layout yet, but I will put them to good use come October.  I was joking (I think) with the Garden Girls that even if I have to cut out some holes from a sheet and throw it over the dog in order to get a picture for a layout, there will be a project in the near future that includes these cuties.
I love that the new BasicGrey Micro Monogram Stickers come in a bunch of different colors, and that they can be worked into layouts subtly. Plus, it's great to see so many extra vowels! I've been picturing a page with the journaling done entirely in these stickers. 
One moment I'm thinking about Halloween, and the next, Christmas!  It's never too early to start working on holiday projects, I say, especially ones that incorporate these Ali Edwards/Technique Tuesday "Magic of Christmas" stamps. I so love those capital letters! 

To thank you for stopping by today, I would love to offer you a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to Two Peas in a Bucket.  After all, if you do decide to undertake a stash-busting project, you'll have some extra space in your stash, am I right?  To be entered to win one of the TWO gift certificates that I'll be giving away, just leave a comment by Wednesday, September 26, at 6:00 p.m. Hawaii time.  In your comment, name one item from your stash that you want to put to use in a project, and one item you wouldn't mind adding to your stash.  Don't forget to include your pea name as well, so that I can contact you via pea mail if you win.  

Onward!  The next stop on the blog hop is Garden Girl Amy Tan.  You can also start from the beginning by going to the Two Peas in a Bucket blog.  Happy hopping! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Workshop Giveaway Winner!

The winner of Lynn Ghahary's Two Peas workshop is...
Congratulations, Melinda!  I'll forward your pea name to Two Peas, and you should have class access shortly!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Multilingual Wednesday

When I used to teach Greek mythology to my middle school students a few years back, I would always compile a list of English words that have their origin in Greek myths.  One of my favorites was "tantalize." It just doesn't seem fair that a word that is so much fun to say has a rather cruel definition -- it refers to tormenting someone with the promise of something that is actually out of reach.  Tantalus was a demigod who abused his ability to share in the food of the gods, and was punished by being sent to Tartarus, where he was "tantalized" by food and water that would always be so close, yet so far away.

I mention all of this because it is Wednesday, and Wednesday is all about the tantalizing prospect of the weekend, which, once it arrives, is not unlike the water that surrounded Tantalus.  When he would lower his head to drink, it would drain away. 

I also mention all of this because I am trying to generate a great deal of text, so that I can share with you something that I discovered last night that made the neighbors think that someone was laughing to death in my house.  It's called "The Dialectizer," and it is brilliant. You enter text and it translates it into a variety of comic languages. I will now demonstrate its amazing powers to elicit tummy-aching laughter based on even the most benign passages. 

I give you "Redneck": 
When ah used t'larn Greek mahthology t'mah middle skoo students a few years back, ah w'd allus compile a list of English wo'ds thet haf their origeen in Greek mahths. One of mah favo'ites was "tantalize." It jest don't seem fair thet a wo'd thet is so much fun t'say has a rather cruel definishun -- it refers t'to'mentin' someone wif th' promise of sumpin thet is acshully outta retch. Tantalus was a demigod who abused his ability t'share in th' grub of th' gods, an' was punished by bein' sent t'Tartarus, whar he was "tantalized" by grub an' water thet'd allus be so close, yet so far away. 

ah menshun all of this hyar on account o' it is Wednesday, an' Wednesday is all about th' tantalizin' prospeck of th' weekend, which, once it arrives, is not unlike th' water thet surroun'ed Tantalus. When he'd lower his haid t'six pack, it'd drain away.
And "Swedish Chef": 
Vhee I used tu teech Greek mythulugy tu my meeddle-a schuul stoodents a foo yeers beck, I vuoold elveys cumpeele-a a leest ooff Ingleesh vurds thet hefe-a zeeur ooreegin in Greek myths. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Oone-a ooff my fefureetes ves "tunteleeze-a." It joost duesn't seem feur thet a vurd thet is su mooch foon tu sey hes a rezeer crooel deffeenishun -- it reffers tu turmenteeng sumeune-a veet zee prumeese-a ooff sumetheeng thet is ectooelly oooot ooff reech. Tunteloos ves a demeegud vhu eboosed hees ebeelity tu shere-a in zee fuud ooff zee guds, und ves pooneeshed by beeeng sent tu Terteroos, vhere-a he-a ves "tunteleezed" by fuud und veter thet vuoold elveys be-a su cluse-a, yet su fer evey. Bork bork bork! 

I menshun ell ooff thees becoose-a it is Vednesdey, und Vednesdey is ell ebuoot zee tunteleezing pruspect ooff zee veekend, vheech, oonce-a it erreefes, is nut unleeke-a zee veter thet soorruoonded Tunteloos. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Vhee he-a vuoold looer hees heed tu dreenk, it vuoold dreeen evey. Bork bork bork!
And don't forget "Cockney":
Wen I used ter teach Greek meffology ter my middle school students a few years back, I would always compile a list of English words that 'ave their origin in Greek meffs. One of me favrites were "tantalize." It just don't seem fair that a word that is so much fun ter say 'as a ravver cruel definition -- it refers ter tormentin' some bloke wiv the promise of sumfink that is actually out of reach. Tantalus were a demigod 'oo abused 'is ability ter share in the chuffin' food of the bloomin' gods, and were punished by bein' sent ter Tartarus, right, where 'e were "tantalized" by food and water that would always be so close, yet so far oray. 

I mention all of this because it is Wednesday, and Wednesday is all about the chuffin' tantalizin' prospect of the bloody weekend, wich, right, once it arrives, is not unlike the water that surrounded Tantalus. Wen 'e would lower 'is loaf of bread to drink, right, it would drain oray.
There are many more.  Isn't it hilarious?  Bork bork bork. 

Since a photo-less post just isn't cool
On account o' a photo-less post jest ain't right fine
Since a photo-wess post just isn't coow
Seence-a a phutu-less pust joost isn't cuul

I'll leave you with a recent JBS Mercantile layout featuring my crazy little kitty. 
Enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Finding Fall + OA Giveaway Winner!

It still looks like summer here in Hawaii, with no signs of fall, but at least I have the Two Peas Garden for fall inspiration! This morning I woke to find the Garden packed with lovely fall layouts.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you really should!

On to the winner of the October Afternoon Midway tin pins: congratulations to...

Hooray, Margie!  Enjoy your tin pins!  I'll forward your info to OA right now.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own

In the weeks before her trip to Chicago this summer, Z spent some time learning about the city and the places that she'd be visiting.  In the course of her research, she discovered that there would be a Mythbusters exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry at the same time that she would be in the city.  She kept her fingers crossed that this would be one of the group's stops, and sure enough...
More details and a full supply list may be found at Two Peas in a Bucket
The items on display were actually used in episodes of the series. In addition, there were a lot of interactive elements, including a swing held up by telephone books, a flatus chair (eww), and a challenge to see whether one could change from an ordinary person to a superhero in a phone booth in record time. Being the science nerdlet that she is, Z loved every bit of it. 

Although I was eager to scrap these photos as soon as she returned home from her trip, I wasn't quite sure what approach I wanted to take.  Once I saw the new Prima Craftsman line, however, I knew I'd found what I needed for this layout. The schematics and blueprint patterns are so much fun! I also worked in some of my favorite Freckled Fawn tapes, including Math Class  and Math Notes washi tapes. The whole layout is my attempt to channel a Mythbusters vibe. for the notion that these photos would be too challenging to scrap? Busted. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

New OA and JBS!

October Afternoon's Halloween line, Witch Hazel, is now at Two Peas! I'm actually in the process of working on a Halloween layout using the line.  I also used some of it sneakily on a layout that I created for this week's challenge on the OA blog. The background paper is "Elixir of Eucalyptus," the color of which makes my scrappy senses ever so tingly.
More details and a fully supply list may be found at Two Peas in a Bucket
New Jenni Bowlin Studio stamps, letters, mini decks, and accents are also in the house, including my favorite JBS stamp ever!
Perforation Marks Clear Stamp
I also used one of the new Silhouette Mini Deck cards and skinny alphabet stickers on one of the layouts I created using the JBS Mercantile September main kit
I've definitely earned some free time this weekend, and plan to put some of my OA and JBS lovelies to good use!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Step Up Your Scrapbooking!

This week marks the release of Lynn Ghahary's "Step up Your Scrapbooking" workshop at Two Peas in a Bucket, and I couldn't be more excited!  Lynn is known for her incredible sense of design, and in this class, she shares her approach to making stand-out layouts. 
I had the pleasure of being one of the contributors to Lynn's class, and I really enjoyed the process. While working on my layouts, I experienced firsthand what Lynn's class can do -- that is, elevating layouts from "good" to "great." 

Here are more details about the class: 
Have you ever finished a scrapbook page only to feel that you were missing that “something special”? Perhaps you are new to scrapbooking and looking for ways to take your layouts to the next level. Or you might be an experienced scrapbooker who is feeling the loss of your scrappy mojo, and looking for ways to increase the creative appeal of your pages. Well, then this is the workshop for you!

You’ll find this class packed with surefire ways to take your layouts to the next level with a toolkit full of tried and true designer tips and tricks. The techniques outlined in each lesson are straightforward and easy to follow, but really pack a big punch in the design department. You’ll find your layouts have gone from “good” to “great” just by following a few of the design guidelines covered in this class.

Each lesson will focus on one of five main design categories: backgrounds, photos, titles, journaling, and embellishments. With 10 lessons per chapter that’s 50 designer tips and tricks to refer back to when you’re faced with your next “what’s missing?” dilemma. A brand new, never before seen page example by Lynn (as well as some other special guest designers) accompanies each lesson to help get you started. Additionally, an informative PDF and instructional video are provided for each chapter. Each video not only reviews the lessons included in the chapter, but also features the start to finish process of one of the chapter layouts as well.

Whether you’re an experienced scrapbooker or new to the hobby, this workshop has something for everyone. So grab your scissors, paper, and glue and let’s step up your scrapbooking!
If you're interested in winning a free spot in the workshop (a $25 value), leave a comment on this thread (including your Two Peas username) before 6:00 p.m. Hawaii time on Wednesday, September 19, and I will select one lucky winner.  If you purchase access to the class and end up winning the drawing, the fee will be refunded, or you can "regift" the free class access to a friend. Good luck! 

October Afternoon Midway Blog Hop! (Giveaway Closed)

Step right up, and welcome to the October Afternoon blog hop, featuring the new Midway collection!
I absolutely love the bright and vibrant colors in this collection, not to mention the playful and lively patterns! The layout above uses some of my favorite items from the collection:
Midway Balloons & Darts Patterned Paper
Midway Carousel Patterned Paper
Midway Chip 'n Stick 
Midway Label Stickers
Midway Tin Pins
Today could be your lucky day!  To be entered to win a set of Midway Tin Pins, just leave a comment below by 6:00 p.m. Hawaii time on Monday, September 17, and I'll select a random winner. Please include your email address in your comment (or a link to a site where your email can be found). 

On to the next stop on the blog hop: Vivian Masket