Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own

In the weeks before her trip to Chicago this summer, Z spent some time learning about the city and the places that she'd be visiting.  In the course of her research, she discovered that there would be a Mythbusters exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry at the same time that she would be in the city.  She kept her fingers crossed that this would be one of the group's stops, and sure enough...
More details and a full supply list may be found at Two Peas in a Bucket
The items on display were actually used in episodes of the series. In addition, there were a lot of interactive elements, including a swing held up by telephone books, a flatus chair (eww), and a challenge to see whether one could change from an ordinary person to a superhero in a phone booth in record time. Being the science nerdlet that she is, Z loved every bit of it. 

Although I was eager to scrap these photos as soon as she returned home from her trip, I wasn't quite sure what approach I wanted to take.  Once I saw the new Prima Craftsman line, however, I knew I'd found what I needed for this layout. The schematics and blueprint patterns are so much fun! I also worked in some of my favorite Freckled Fawn tapes, including Math Class  and Math Notes washi tapes. The whole layout is my attempt to channel a Mythbusters vibe. for the notion that these photos would be too challenging to scrap? Busted. 


  1. Such a fun filled page! Awesome! Love layouts with lots of photos.

  2. Fun post, awesome LO. You nailed it!

  3. Wow, just discovered your awesome layouts via the JBS blog...I am in how you use the grid, layers, and color..and great're one of my new favorite scrapbookers.. :)

  4. Awesome page. Love everything about it.