Monday, September 24, 2012

Two Peas Gallery Updates!

I may not be a fan of Mondays in general, but there are certain perks to this day of the week.
For instance, I have my first Starbucks of the week on Monday.  

Mondays also herald a whole week ahead of learning, which is actually quite exciting to recognize, once I am fully conscious. 

Mondays also welcome LOTS of new layouts in the Garden at Two Peas! Today, I have two new layouts to share: 
For more details and a list of supplies, please visit Two Peas in a Bucket
Fall isn't exactly an obvious season here in Hawaii, but there is a sense of fall that sets in around this time of year. The mornings are a little darker -- and then a lot darker -- and the sun sets earlier and earlier. The back-to-school excitement gives way to a heightened intensity and focus, as my seniors become obsessed with college applications and essays. The rain falls a little (and then a lot) more often, and the dog wears the evidence on her paws (and tracks it in the house).  Then there's the food.  Ah, the food. Fall is all about comfort food and the flavors of home -- tomato soup and cheesy bread, roast chicken and gravy, and chocolate chip cookies. Fall is about family and gratitude and silliness and warmth and wonder. This layout is my attempt to capture all of that.  
For more details and a list of supplies, see Two Peas in a Bucket
Each time I see this photo, I want to kick myself for not wearing the right thing or letting my hair loose, but then I'm reminded that this photo is not about me.  It's about the woman at the heart of it all, my grandmother, who does not have much longer with us.  On this day, when we went to visit her shortly after hearing what her doctor had shared, we weren't thinking about dressing up and taking perfect photos. We weren't even thinking about photos, actually.  I just happened to have my camera in my purse, and my husband offered to take a photo of the four generations of women gathered together.  What is most important here is just what the layout says: today.

So many photos on layouts are perfectly posed, and though I've scrapped my fair share of let's-create-a-moment-for-the-camera rather than let's-capture-a-moment-as-it-happens photos, the imperfect photos have the most heart, I believe. They don't feel constructed; they feel real.  They document life as it happens, so that one day, when everything changes, there is still that moment, that realness, right there, reflected back at us, as a reminder that we are, and then we were, but we also always will be.


  1. I am mostly a plain and simple scrapbooker but when I see your layouts I am inspired to add more photos, more journalling, more labels, more of everything.Even though you use alot of everything, it never looks cluttered and it is always "just right". I have used so many of your layouts as a starting point and, to tell the truth, have completely copied others. LOve your work.

  2. Your pages are so much fun to look at! You inspire me to create. Love all the details and the amount of pictures you can fit on the page! I love multiple photo layouts!

  3. You are so blessed to have your Mom and Grandma. Cherish every minute. Aloha.

  4. I always look at your layouts for inspiration. I just love the way you scrap and tell your story. Thanks so much!!

  5. oh my gosh Jill - these are just amazing! you always have great design, great use of photos, and great embellishments. and such a unique style. LOVE

  6. Jill! I LOVE this layout! Seriously love it. Have been trying to work on your challenge at 2Peas but now think I am inspired.... hmmm... off to see what I can do!

  7. I love those buttons! Especially the heart.