Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome, September!

I like September. It reminds me of shiny red apples, fresh notebooks, and newly sharpened pencils. Maybe it's because I've been going to school my entire life that I tend to think of September as the "real" beginning of the year.  January is just about a date change, but September really does feel like a time for beginnings, for being hopeful about all that remains to be learned.

The new September Jenni Bowlin Mercantile kits definitely channel that vibe for me:
The September Main  Kit
The Artisan Kit
The Antiquarian Kit
The Mini-Album Kit
I used the antiquarian and mini-album kits to create a layout about my daughter's experience as a Flight School group leader this summer: 

There are many (many) ideas for brilliant ways to use these kits in the design team kit gallery at JBS Mercantile.  

Happy September! 

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