Friday, October 12, 2012

12 on the 12th

I haven't forgotten that today is a "12 on the 12th" day -- a chance for me to document a day in the life by snapping at least twelve photos.  So far, I have documented a trip into town with a very excited dog (just ask all of the people she barked at on the way), a bag of Raisinets (now empty), the pot roast that is filling the house with an incredible aroma that reminds me why I can only embrace the idea of vegetarianism, and the Halloween cards that I have been working on using the JBS Mercantile October digital cut-files (which are 25% off right now): 
That spider leg creeping up the side of the photo is kind of freaking me out.  Even touching it after I removed it from the die-cut mat had me feeling a little woozy. My tolerance for spiders begins and ends with Andrew Garfield

Off to snap more pics! 

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