Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Conditions

What are the top ten conditions under which you scrap best?  There's a fun thread posted on the GS board at Two Peas in a Bucket, regarding just that question.  Here are my conditions: 

1. I need to have a ton of chores waiting to be accomplished. The fact that I'm not doing those makes me focus all the more on what I'd rather be doing.

2. I need a tension-free household. If everyone's in a good mood, so am I.

3. I scrap comfortably when I'm wearing jeans. I do notice, however, that if I'm wearing my nice work clothes, I'll feel a strong compulsion to reach for mist or to drop stamping ink on my lap. (It's sort of like how I always crave spaghetti when I'm wearing white.)

4. Some background noise helps, though it must be noise that doesn't distract. Neighbors with leaf blowers, for instance, mess with my inner peace.

5. I must sit with my legs up on my chair...which means I also must endure periodic bouts of pins and needles.

6. I find it calming (and terribly cute) to find my dog napping on the floor near me. It's less calming when my chair accidentally rolls on her and she yelps. Still, she's a trooper.

7. I'm a late afternoon/night owl scrapper. I can't summon any scrappy strength first thing in the morning.

8. Geography matters. I need to be at my own scrap desk. I've tried to scrap elsewhere, but it just doesn't work. No crops for me!

9. I need my computer on in front of me. When I hit a wall, I mess around on Two Peas-FB-Twitter-Pinterest, and when I come up for air, the layout is waiting for me, and somehow I'm ready to work on it again.

10. I need to be in a patient or passionate mood -- I need to have something to say, or I need to be willing to work through the process of getting there. It's the sense of the QUEST.   

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