Saturday, November 17, 2012

Up for a Sketch Challenge?

A few weeks ago I came into contact with some of the most ravenous creatures in the entire world:
And I thought the teenage girls at my daughter's slumber party could eat!  These piranha-like koi at Dole Plantation here on Oahu are both captivating and repulsive to watch -- they are the most beautiful shades of orange and yellow, but when they eat, they pile on top of each other, clamoring for any morsel that their mouths can find. 

They are also the subject of the layout that I created for this week's sketch challenge at Two Peas in a Bucket
I gathered together five photos from our fish-feeding-turned-fish-frenzy encounter, and placed them over a misted, patterned background. I placed strips between the photo blocks, incorporating patterned strips that I had cut along with the some of the strips that you find at the bottom of patterned papers. 

The journaling mentions how the fish frightened a tourist who had ventured near and peeked over the rail.  She screamed and went running in the other direction.

The idea that the fish could evoke a sense of terror in others eventually led Z and I to speculate about whether, if someone fell in, the fish would eat that person alive.  We also wondered how long that would take. I omitted that part from the journaling. It might lead to the splatters on the layout being misinterpreted. :) 

I'd love it if you would play along with the sketch challenge! The added perk is that if you do, you'll be entered to win a gift certificate to Two Peas.  The challenge runs from today through next week. 


  1. love the colors here ! and that fun title!
    thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog today: so very honored:)
    I have pinned the sketch, hope I will find time to make a take on it soon!

  2. I know those psychotic fish well. We go all the time. I even keep koi food in my car so I don't have to buy theirs. lol Those fish are creepy for sure!!

    I love how you're using them as your muse though. :)