Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This week, the October Afternoon blog will be focusing on holiday gift wrapping and packaging. Here are my contributions to today's post
All items are from the Make It Merry collection. 
This feature came at the perfect time for me. 

I have been on a mission to find creative ways to wrap gifts that do not violate my scrapper's need to hoard "someday" objects -- you know, those objects that make you say (even shriek), "No! Don't throw that away! I'll use it someday." This has proven to be an impossible mission for me, however, as anything I add to a package I simultaneously imagine putting to use "someday." 

I can't stand the thought of anything pretty being trashed, so I have a plan: pretty packages will only go to those who can appreciate pretty. I also have a back-up plan: surreptitiously pocket anything that people set to the side as they open gifts. Hoard all the pretty things!  
So...how are you working your way through gift wrapping anxiety?  Any cool packaging ideas you'd like to share?  

P.S.  Blog hop winners, I haven't forgotten you!  I'll announce the two winners soon.  


  1. So sooo pretty!
    Ummm... yes I may also be guilty of wrapping pretty packages but then re-pocketing my own prettiness if they toss it aside. It's a vicious cycle ;-)

  2. Very pretty! LOVE the one with the glittery 25 and aqua ink. Very awesome. :)
    I wrapped some pretty gifts for a cookie exchange yesterday and didn't receive one single positive comment, and I had a hard time not snatching my handmade embellished bows back off their packages! And then I felt bad that I am not as generous and giving as I would like to be. :)