Friday, December 28, 2012


"Our Holiday" -- for October Afternoon. 
Christmas is now three days behind us, New Year's Eve is just a few days away, and I -- I am spent. Underneath the malaise, however, I feel something burbling to the surface.  C-could it actually be...the desire to scrap? 

Unfortunately, this span of a week between the two big holidays requires that I make a few feeble attempts to clean the house first.  Grawr. This just confirms my theory that there is nothing like a ridiculously messy house to stimulate the always-ill-timed scrap mojo. 

Should I plunge into my December Daily or the December Dishes? 

Should I put away the stacks of paper and ribbon used to wrap gifts, or should I pull out even more? 

Should I wash the dirty laundry or (further) stain my jeans with paint and mist? 

Choices, choices.  


Not feeling the creative push?  Knock something off a table. Stack a few items haphazardly.  Toss something at the trash can and miss.  Let the dog roll around in the mud outside and come running indoors. Make a lengthy to-do list with nothing remotely imaginative on it.

The mojo will come. 


  1. love this so much Jill! you are so good at these lists layouts!
    I read your comment on my blog: thank you for visiting: and it is crazy how we made such a similar layout out of the same file! hope you don't think I "robbed" you! have a great day!