Friday, January 25, 2013

Finally: Friday. Soon: Saturday.

Barely awake, lumbering through the house with wild hair, bleary eyes, and kickin' morning breath, my daughter and I made contact this morning, taking a moment to acknowledge the presence of another cranky creature in the room. Initially we grunted our usual morning greetings (Me: "Morning."  Z: "Unnh."), and then, the synapses fired and a single thought materialized into coherency: "Tomorrow is Saturday."

"Unnhmh," she replied to my unimpressive statement of fact, reaching for her toothbrush. 

"I'm so excited for Saturday!  We get to sleep in." 

She held the toothbrush still, her eyes widening. Then she suddenly increased the speed at which she had been brushing her teeth, urging herself onward toward Saturday. 

This is so us. We had just woken up, but already we were making plans to go back to sleep.

When I was a teenager, I could sleep for twelve hours straight, easily.  My mom would get upset with me -- "You're sleeping your life away!"  And though I knew she had a point, I would smile at the thought.  As I get older, I still maintain that there is nothing quite like a warm bed on a cold morning, a dog curled up beside me, and sweet, sweet dreams.  Because I never get enough sleep on the weekdays, I treasure my weekends, which allow me to get eight hours of sleep at a time, with real peace of mind. The best weekend "sleeps" are those when there is no "to do" list, no traffic jam, and no alarm waiting for me the next morning -- no real reason to wake other than the fact that I am rested.   

The best Saturdays are those when I've slept in and then get to scrap the day away (while my daughter continues to sleep, working up to the twelve hours to which she is entitled as a teenager).  I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a scrap-happy day for me. :)  My scrappy energies are highest on the weekends.  

I'm not alone in that respect, apparently.  There's a hilarious thread on Two Peas right now called "Too Tired for Weeknight Scrapping?"  At one point, someone presents an interesting suggestion, leading us to wonder whether wearing a bra while scrapping has an impact on one's energy level.  Seriously!  If my daughter still did science fair projects, I so know what her topic would be this year.  The nerdlet in me is fascinated to know whether there is anything to this. 

I won't tell you whether the following layouts were done sans brassiere.  Let's see if you can guess. ;) 

The first includes a snapshot of a common sight 'round these parts: 
This cat-shaped parasite (as I refer to her in the journaling) is never far from my daughter.  Crazy. The title is so not an exaggeration. 
The bright colors in this month's JBS Mercantile January kits were perfect for this playful (albeit a little psychotic) page.  Don't you love those stencil numbers?  They're from this month's kit cuts, which are a cinch to use with a Cameo. 
I should also mention that there are just a few days left to take advantage of this month's special offer at JBS Mercantile:
This week's October Afternoon Wednesday blog post featured another of my layouts. This one is also a wee bit on the silly side -- it involves a fangirl's thank-you letter to Santa. 

I broke away from my usual 12" x 12" mode and went for an 8.5" x 11" approach here. It was a time-based decision, since the layout was created for a 30-minute challenge. Yep -- I, the (arthritic, gout-ridden) turtle (climbing uphill) of the scrapping world, actually completed a layout in 30 minutes!   If you'd like to check out the full details of the challenge (and the process I followed), you can read the full post on the OA blog, "Can You Spare 30 Minutes?" 

I'm off to tend to important business. The dog has been jumping at my chair as I compose this, desperate for a belly rub.

Have a happy Saturday!  Sweet dreams. 


  1. These are fabulous!! I love your fun style!!

  2. What a hilarious post. My own mother's words are echoing in my ears! I chuckled the whole way through. Will have to test the 'Brassiere Theory' myself! lol

  3. total GENIUS! My kids and I wish we could sleep in on the weekend--there is always SOMETHING--GREAT pages Jill!

  4. Super layouts!

    And I am totally with you on the sleeping! I say I nap like it is a hobby! ;) When my parents moved me into one of my university houses, my housemates were shocked that I came with a double bed, boxspring and mattress, and proper headboard and footboard. This was when university students slept on single mattresses on metal bedframes. My parents told them they would soon understand just HOW IMPORTANT sleeping was to me!