Wednesday, January 16, 2013

JBS Mercantile January Kit Layouts

The mention of love at first sight generally prompts me to roll my eyes. I can buy the idea of lust at first sight (Ryan Gosling, ahem), but love? Really?

Then I saw the JBS January kits. 
And then I started using them. 
The first layout that I created is a tribute to one of my favorite couples, Tinky Winky and Ed, the pigeons who live just outside my classroom. My daughter gave them their nicknames. I've been trying to get a photo of them for the longest time, but every time I think I've found my moment, one or both of them will fly away.  Thus, this photo is so Tinky Winky and Ed. 
As luck would have it, this month's exclusive die-cuts are feathers! I tucked a couple of them (cut from this month's exclusive papers, designed by Lisa Dickinson) within the layers behind the photo. 
I used Adrienne Looman's "Cherry Kiss" action on the photo.  This is one of my favorite actions these days -- and it only cost $4 at Two Peas.  I'll get lots of use from it! 
The second layout that I created documents my memories of my husband's grandfather. 
I mixed items from the kits here, incorporating items primarily from the Antiquarian kit (which is now sold out -- sorry!).  The ledger paper that you see here makes me giddy -- as I was trimming it to use on this layout, I noticed that it was dated 1897. I almost couldn't use it, because it just felt too precious. 
I seem to have this crisis every time I dip into one of the Antiquarian kits. This dilemma reminds me of Alice Walker's story "Everyday Use," in which a mother and one of her daughters have conflicting ideas regarding what to do with an heirloom quilt. The daughter sees it as an artifact, and wants to treat it like an item in a museum, hanging it on a wall, while the mother regards the quilt in terms of "everyday use."  She gives it to her other daughter, who will use it for its intended purpose -- to keep her warm. 

So I used the paper. I'm glad I did. 
I'm working on a few more layouts using the kits. My package was a little late, so I have to make up for lost time! I'll have more to share soon! 


  1. OMG I am in love with that first page. The second is wonderful too but oh dear that pink - adore.

  2. The ledger one is so beautifully understated. I think it does such a great job of honouring a valued family member and some paper that is too beautiful to sit in a drawer somewhere.

  3. magnifiques! both of them! but there is something about the second layout and the way you used that arrow that moves me .

  4. Cute pages! Love the pink layering!

  5. Great pages, Jill. I like the way you trimmed the washi tape along the chevron pattern. And the ribbon wrapped gold foil arrow is just awesome!

  6. Stunning layouts! Love them both!!! :D

  7. I love the arrow, ribbon and button detail on the last layout. Genious! I may have to lift that :)