Friday, February 1, 2013

Kits, Pie, and the Unsteady I

Although I have never been to CHA, I have always spent the weeks leading up to it studying the sneak peeks as if I would be tested on them eventually. Then, in the days on which the actual event is held, and for days afterward, I search for images of booths wherever I can get them, staring longingly at the wonderland that is CHA. Earlier this month, after the Jenni Bowlin Studio blog featured sneaks and Shimelle's blog featured a tour of the JBS CHA booth, my list of must-haves just kept growing.

Lucky me, though -- this month's JBS Mercantile kits feature the new Modern Mercantile line and a whole lot of new JBS goodies! The design team kit gallery is packed with ideas for how to use these beauties in your scrapbooks. 
Papercrafting Kit
My daughter and I are Supernatural fans -- that is, I'm a fan, and she's a full-on fangirl -- and we recently celebrated the birthday of Dean Winchester, who loves all things pie. I just had to work in some pies on this layout, in honor of the man. I even tracked down a Supernatural font to use with my Cameo. 
Although I mostly used the Papercrafting kit on this layout, I included a few Freckled Fawn wood chips and some alpha stickers from the Artisan kit. 
Artisan Kit
It always feels like an honor to work with one of Jenni's Antiquarian kits. I spend the longest time just holding everything in my hands and admiring each unique piece. Everything tells a story.
Antiquarian Kit
As hard as it can be to fight the impulse to hoard everything in an Antiquarian kit, I did manage to use some items on one of my layouts, mixing them with the other kits.
This layout is the result of the blue and green gang tags that you see at the bottom of the page.  I split them apart, and once I started moving them around the page, next to the photo, a journaling prompt of sorts popped into my head: "When I fall to pieces..."  The layout then became about my "balancing act," my attempt to juggle my many roles and my many selves while trying to keep my sense of self steady. Thus, "The Unsteady I." 
  I even added some unsteady stitching (is there any other kind?).
I love that blue dotted patterned cardstock -- it's one of the two exclusive papers in this month's Papercrafting kit, designed by Lisa Dickinson. I need more.

The next design team kit gallery reveal will be on the 10th. I'll have more to share then!

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  1. I love your Supernatural Layout. One of me and my husbands favorite shows.

  2. Jill, there's so much life in all of your layouts! Love it! Thanks for the inspiration, you make me want to go scrapbook right now!

  3. Wonderful layouts!
    And I totally get you about studying CHA like it is an upcoming exam.
    And on the total honour and excitement of getting one of those antiquarian kits. :)