Sunday, March 3, 2013


Although I am aware that, living in Hawaii, I don't even KNOW from winter, I still insist on saying things like, "It's freezing!" or "Brrrrr..." at this time of year. I understand that this makes those who are experiencing actual winter weather want to stuff me in a freezer and call it even, but's cold!  

The funny thing is that the flowers around here seem to like this chilly weather. Driving home today, I passed yard after yard where cherry blossoms, hibiscus, and lilies were bursting into bloom.  My own yard is filled with yellow buds and white-and-purple flowers, too. 
I am no gardener, but I am crazy about flowers. I can completely relate to Wordsworth and his daffodils: 
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.
I've never seen an actual daffodil, but I feel this way about practically every flower with which I come into contact. It likely stems from my mother's influence. She has a green thumb -- make that two -- with green fingers to match. That's how much she loves gardening, and though she did not impart her love of digging in the dirt to me, at least she shared her appreciation for it. Today I still get excited when I see flowers in bloom, whether in my yard (especially in my yard, actually) or by the roadside. 
I created this layout about the "winter blooms" in my yard for a recent October Afternoon post. Fellow DT member Lexi Bridges came up with a challenge to use watercolors on a layout, and I took the opportunity to mix red, blue, and white to create blue-violet, a color not often found in scrap supplies.
After mixing the watercolors, I painted the back of a Midway rubber stamp, and stamped the image on the page. 
October Afternoon Midway Pinwheel Rubber Stamp

I added some shading to the stamped image with a blue watercolor pencil, and smoothed the color across with a brush dipped in water.  I stamped the image a second time on some scrap paper and cut out the pieces to make a template, used as a guide for trimming papers and constructing the "mirror image" at the top right.  

A full supply list may be found at Two Peas in a Bucket

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  1. This is such a work of art. I also had to check twice and see if your journaling was from a poem. Sigh, I so admire you. I've seen daffodils many times and while I love the poem, they just can't conceive of the floral loveliness of Hawaii. No contest :)

  2. Seriously awesome. The purple - I love it. I wish there was more purple goodies out there as a mother of a 5 year old girl :) But this is so cool how you don't have to find the products - make the color yourself - why didn't I think of that, lol. By the way, isn't epiphany such a nice word. Very striking, Jill.

  3. 'cmon girl! Safeway sells daffodils really cheap every spring. They are bright yellow blossoms, you can't miss 'em. Keep your eyes open. I'll post when I see them in the ad. It should be any day now.

  4. this page is absolutely fantastic. it's beautiful! :)