Sunday, March 31, 2013

Farewell, Calvinball.

And there you have it...with 30 minutes to go before the thrilling conclusion of Calvinball '13, I'm calling it: 

Calvinball project points: 13
Calvinblog points: 17.5
Bonus/handicap points: 30
  • 1 for hyping it 
  • 2 for having my priorities intact (making bacon jam empanadas and stuffed jalapenos with the kid)
  • 3 points for scrapping photos within 7 days of taking them 
  • 1 point for taking over 200 photos on Easter Sunday, including a few with me in them (shocker!)
  • 1 for a Scattergories challenge-related layout
  • 1 point for using a new technique and reporting on it
  • 3 points for using at least five JBS products on a page
  • 1 point per written assignment turned in on time
  • 3 points for reading a novel on a day in which you've earned two legitimate scrapping points (I'm on the last one in the series now!)
  • 2 points (1 per) for scrappy videos
  • 1 point for attending to domestic duties while scrapbooking
  • 1 point for scrapping past your bedtime
  • 1 point for a scrappy shopping expedition
  • 1 point for scrapping with chocolate
  • 2 points for tackling technology in the name of scrapping
  • 1 point for using a retro scrapbooking product
  • 1 point for reorganizing your stash
  • 1 point for hosting a giveaway on your blog
  • 1 point for linking some fellow Calvinball players or this thread on your blog
  • 1 point for getting those layouts into albums
  • 1 point for coloring Easter eggs
TOTAL: 60.5 points

I am most definitely aware that the bulk of my points are bonus points...and that I did not blog every single day...and that last year I earned more points...but I survived Calvinball '13, and I made it across the finish line!  Yay me!   

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