Monday, March 11, 2013

Good Intentions

Although I had fully intended to earn 31 Calvinblog points this March, I did take a bit of a blog break for a few days -- but with good reason! 
My husband is finally back home after being away for four looooooooooooong months. As you might imagine, I was completely overjoyed when he made it safely home...and when he presented me with a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts from North Carolina, I was positively euphoric. 

A few days have passed, and you would think a sense of normalcy would be re-established by now.  Not so.  Z and I are on spring break, so the heck with normal!  I spent the whole day in pajamas.  'Twas awesome. 

I've also been getting my scrap on in a big way, thanks to the March JBS Mercantile kits.  
This one's a lovey dovey page. I'm entitled to a few a year. The negative space from the chipboard heart found in the Artisan kit functioned as a mask here. I misted over it with various colors. 
The layout focuses on how Rob and I would use Skype to communicate while he was away. As I was going through the papers in the kits, I noticed that the Crate Paper "Measurements" patterned paper did not simply feature rulers, as I originally thought, but rather, months of the year.  I worked in a few strips featuring the four months that Rob was away and Skype helped us to bridge the distance. 
The second layout includes a photo of my daughter in a booth at Romano's, a restaurant that we enjoy more for its tablecloths than its food. The tablecloths aren't really cloths, but paper, and the time between courses flies as we draw mirror images of each other's zany designs. 
I misted over these die-cut numerals from Bazzill, and added a few Crate Paper pinwheels to the mix.  The page is my attempt to capture some of the color and playfulness that we've come to associate with the restaurant. 
 You realize that this means I'm now officially making progress in Calvinball.  Whoa. 

Calvinball points: 3.5
Calvinblog points: 7.5
Bonus/handicap points: 5
  • 1 for hyping it 
  • 1 for having my priorities intact (making bacon jam empanadas with the kid)
  • 3 points for scrapping photos within 7 days of taking them 

Total points: 16 points 


  1. glad to hear your husband is back.

    love the pages!

  2. yay! Glad your hubby is home AND spring break--WAHOO!! Pages are FAB!