Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Pursuit of Happiness

Today is the first ever International Day of Happiness! As per United Nations Resolution 66/281, today is a day to "recognize the relevance of happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations."

And I'm definitely on board with that. 

Last night, while trying to learn more about the International Day of Happiness, I happened upon an article in the Huffington Post by Project Happiness founder Randy Taran that includes a list of "5 Ways to Activate Your Happiness." It's actually a worthwhile read. I'm partial to #3, which talks about "flow."  
When hours feel like minutes and you are totally absorbed in what you are doing, you are in a "flow" state. Athletes call it being "in the zone." Research shows that flow state happens when you have the right ratio of challenge to skill level, i.e., when you're challenged just enough to engage your skill set at the appropriate level. 
I often use the phrase "scrap happy," and I'm pretty sure that it's synonymous with "flow."  I love losing myself in the creative process, but that doesn't mean that scrapping is always a breeze -- the "ratio of challenge to skill level" definitely comes into play at times. 

Above all else, on this day, and every day, what makes me most happy is surrounding myself with happy people -- especially my people. 
Have a happy day!

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