Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Third Quarter Slump

A happy surprise -- this tweet from Two Peas popped up today, with regard to a layout I shared on the JBS blog and posted in the Two Peas gallery yesterday.
I must agree -- don't be afraid to scrap the challenges! In my case, the challenge in question was the third quarter slump, which any teacher or student can tell you is a real thing.  A very real and frightening thing.
It's almost over. The third quarter ended last week for students, which means that it will officially end for teachers next week, when grades are due.
Then, after what has felt like a standstill series of months during which the idea of summer has been more of a taunt than a possibility, fourth quarter will come racing in, sucking away time and oxygen, leaving no room for mental processing of any sort, and laughing its evil laugh at the notion of any kind of lesson "plan," and then BOOM! The year will be over.
Third quarter is the arduous uphill climb, and fourth quarter is the crazy breathless rush downward.
At the end of the year, I'll find myself opening one eye cautiously, followed by the other, and inevitably, I'll find myself thinking, Again! Again! 

And so it goes.

So yes, scrap the challenges! It can be tough-going getting there, but so worth the effort.