Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A List, a Winner, and a Sneak

Summer is officially here!  Granted, I only get a 24-hour break, since I have two back-to-back workshops to attend, but after that, my summer will be mine, all mine!

I've gotten off to a great start.

(1) I've finished my first book of the summer:
Shipstead can craft a sentence, but the plot left me wanting. Still, I finished a book that wasn't part of a syllabus, and no one's getting quizzed on it! Victory!

Now I'm on to reading Dan Brown's Inferno. I know his books aren't without controversy, but I find them to be page-turners. Here's hoping this one's a worthwhile read.

(2) I'm actually preparing dinner at home tonight. This doesn't happen often enough in my household.  Long days plus the second worst traffic in the nation equate to way too many nights of take-out.  This summer, though, I am getting my Martha on. Tonight?  Salmon, wild rice, and asparagus. Note the lack of "Mc" before any of those items. Victory!

(3) I've finished my first layout of the summer, and it features one of my favorite summertime subjects:

Mmm...shave ice. The layout will go live on the October Afternoon blog tomorrow. One layout down, a whole summer to go.  Victory!

Today I'm also happy to announce the winner of the Garden Girl blog hop giveaway:

Jan, I know that you'll enjoy Jen's workshop!

The next Garden Girl blog hop is scheduled for June 22. The next gallery update, however, is just a few days away. June's theme is one of my favorite themes ever.  Jamie posted a few sneaks on the Two Peas blog, asking for guesses, and there's one guess that's really, really close. Here's a peek at my layout:
Maybe the theme will be a little more obvious now. Maybe not.

Thanks for visiting today!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    You know I forget you are in Hawaii. One day I will see it. But I can just imagine the traffic. Yikes.

    You make me want to read more. My sister has to be my go to on what is a worthwhile read.

    Amazing sneak (as always-very inspiring)!!

    Hope you enjoy more summer soon!!

  2. welcome to summer! (after your workshops!)

  3. so glad summer break is close for you! we have 5 more long weeks to go before end of term here! and my pupils are getting tired ! me too !
    this ice cream is one of a kind i never saw before: would love to taste some!
    can't wait to see this whole layout!