Friday, May 17, 2013

Dog Days

My favorite part of each day is when the entire family comes together after spending most of the day apart. It all starts with a greeting from a dog who wags her tail so energetically that her entire backside shakes with it. Some days she gets so excited that she can't contain herself, and starts running in circles around the yard or rolling in the grass wildly.

There's no happy like dog happy. They give themselves up to their glee, and it's a joy to behold: 
I documented my dog-girl's afternoon antics in my most recent October Afternoon layout. It's based on a sketch shared by new DT member Mandy Koeppen on the OA blog yesterday. I used the new Travel Girl line on this page, along with some items from the Daily Flash Snapshots collection. The green ribbon was repurposed from my Mother's Day gift. I also used woodgrain cardstock in the background -- I love that texture! 

It seems as if every time I make a page about Miss Mazie, I end up using a similar green-and-yellow color scheme.  Those colors are just so her -- energetic and earthy, spunky and fresh, bright and lively.  


  1. funky layout! your dog is so funny! and I do love that green. great layering as ever! you rock!

  2. You are just so good at layering! I come here to learn that:)

  3. You do such amazing things with colour. I could stare at this layout all day :-)

  4. Really love this layout. And "there's no happy like dog happy" sounds like a great page title. :)