Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Morning After

Yesterday was National Scrapbooking Day, and I spent most of it gawking at galleries and cleaning my scrap area instead of actually scrapping.  The idea of me cleaning on NSD seems awfully sad, but I woke up this morning and actually felt a sense of clarity and felt a real boost of creativity (now that I know how to find everything again). I'll just have to think of this as National Scrapbooking Weekend, and let the wild rumpus continue! 

I was able to take part in a few of yesterday's festivities out there in Scrapland, starting with Shimelle's 'round the clock challenges on her blog. My challenge was to journal in the form of a letter
The journaling reads: 
A few years ago, at a professional development session, the speaker challenged the teachers to articulate their mission statements in a nontraditional way.  So here it is: I imagine that a student sends me a letter after I have retired from teaching. The letter reveals just how I hope to be remembered someday by my students. It reveals a mission, accomplished.  
Dear Ms. Sprott, 
You may not have witnessed the moment when it all clicked, but it eventually did.  
I became a teacher because of you. 
You made me love literature and writing.   
You helped me to consider multiple points of view.   
You made me a better person, conscious of how I could be an agent of change in the world.  
You challenged me to think beyond myself, but you also made me look within myself.  
You showed me that changing one’s mind can be a strength, not a weakness. 
I actually looked forward to your class; I never thought of it as something to be endured. 
You made me laugh; somehow you found a way to make laughter a part of the learning process. 
When others saw flaws and shortcomings, you saw my gifts and talents.  
You made me confident in my abilities.  You asked me to imagine my “someday” and start moving toward it hopefully.  
You helped me to understand that my choices shape who I am.  
You did not reject me. Even when you corrected me, it was for my own good.  
You never spoke to me with condescension in your voice. You respected me.  
I learned to listen to others’ opinions, and I learned to voice my own.  You helped me to realize that everyone does have a right to his or her opinion, but that we also have a responsibility to question those opinions, consider the evidence, and seek what is right.  
I became a critical thinker and a close reader. Your class taught me skills that I have used throughout my life.  
I realized that words have power.  They may liberate us or oppress us, and when we wield them, we must consider their impact.  
I stopped being afraid of Shakespeare.  I even might actually love him.  
Because you taught me that nothing is too difficult, I stopped setting limits for myself and just...tried.  
You helped me to see that I have a “good and worthy” voice. 
I think of you and smile.  My time with you, though brief, mattered.  
Your Student
As I was layering the papers under the title block, a few of the words peeked through -- "voice" and "teach" -- and I could not believe my luck. Is there such a thing as pages that are meant to be?  

A full supply list may be found at Two Peas in a Bucket
Shimelle's challenges are open until May 12. There are bunch more, so be sure to visit her blog to take a look at them (and the amazing layouts that accompany them). 

Throughout the day at Two Peas in a Bucket, a new Garden Girl project was featured every hour. I had the chance to play with some wide washi tape while also embracing my newfound fascination with neon: 
I backed the eggs with strips of washi tape as well as patterned paper, and added pop dots between the layers to give the whole layout a boost. 

A full supply list may be found at Two Peas in a Bucket. 
Now that my scrap area is clean, I'm off to make a mess! Have a great day! 


  1. I was much the same - spent the day gawping and not scrapping. I am an English teacher too and would love a letter like this!

  2. Love the "From the Desk of" layout. What a great idea for a journaling format. A very powerful but personal layout.
    Thank you Jill for inspiring me yet again!

  3. the Easter layout is just adorable!!! Love!

  4. WONDERFUL inspiration! I didn't scrap this past weekend either--spent the day shopping for a swim suit for my girl and out at the movies to see Iron Man 3 with the family at night--FANTASTIC!!