Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Colors of Summer

Years ago, I read Hayden Herrera's Frida Kahlo: The Paintings. In it, Herrera includes a list of Kahlo's thoughts about color, excerpted from her journals.  Kahlo identifies brown as the color of "falling leaves," navy blue as "tenderness," and yellow, the color of "madness" and "happiness."

Right around the same time, I happened upon Color in Motion, created by Maria Claudia Cortes,  The full title of the site is "An Animated and Interactive Experience of Color Communication and Color Symbolism." It's a mouthful, but the site is worth a gander. One aspect of the site features overviews of "color stars," and considers the positive and negative traits of each color, as well as the symbolism of each color. There are even animated shorts about the colors, featuring musical tracks that evoke the essence of each hue. 

From time to time, I revisit Kahlo's list and Cortes's site, reflecting on my own relationship to color, my own "color sense."  I think my relationship to color is evident in my wardrobe, in my home, in my classroom, in what I pin and bookmark, in the way I am drawn to every flower, everywhere, as well as in my approach to creating layouts: 
So how about a Kahlo-esque approach to interpreting the colors on this layout? 

Orange -- freshness, the remnants of a sun-drenched sky, juicy citrus
Aqua -- openness, horizons, sea meets sky, breath and air 
Blue -- shade, crisp coolness, exhalation, the movement within
Yellow -- levity, warmth, laughter, the tartness of lilikoi
Pink -- spun sugar, lightness, a blossoming, a ripe guava in the hand, a child's prayer
Red -- a pulse, syrup on the tongue, amusement, delight. risk 
Purple -- that which lingers, the twilight before the heaviness of night, gathering clouds before rain
(More details about the layout itself may be found on the October Afternoon blog). 

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  1. what a wonderful mix of colors and textures Jill! AWESOME!!