Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dear CHAnta (Part I)

Dear CHAnta,

I know that I probably should not have peeked before CHA started, but I couldn't resist.  Thus, I present you with my want list. Make it happen.

WANT: Allison Kreft for Webster's Pages, "Recorded"
WANT: Echo Park, "Photo Freedom II"
WANT: Studio Calico, "Thataway" and "Storytime"
WANT: Cosmo Cricket
WANT: Carta Bella, "Hello Again"
WANT: Glitz Design, "Wild and Free" and "Raven"
WANT: accents from Webster's Pages, Jenni Bowlin Studio, and My Mind's Eye
That's not too much to ask for, is it?


P.S. I should also mention that this is just the start of the list. Want is a funny thing -- the more sneaks I see, the more it intensifies.


  1. you make me laugh! I know what you mean though!!

  2. clever girl, you ... hope CHAnta is good to you!

  3. CHAnta - love it! I'm going to go work on my list.

  4. Your list is perfect...will you add my name to it too? :o)

  5. Well you've 5 more months to be a really good girl. ;0)

    Bye Irene from the Netherlands.

    P.S. The same list over here and still adding.