Friday, July 19, 2013

Studio Calico Toolbox Blog Hop

When it comes to using most tools, I'm pretty much inept, but a new Studio Calico class suggests that there may be hope for me yet! 
Luckily, there are no chainsaws or wrenches involved. I think. 

I am excited and honored to be a contributor to Studio Calico's Toolbox! The class includes four idea-packed weeks focused on digital, mixed media, stitching, and misting techniques. 

Shanna Noel (digital), Céline Navarro (mixed media), Amy Tan (stitching), and Geralyn Sy (misting) will each devote one week in August to teaching you the ins and outs of their favorite techniques. 
Can you guess which week I'll be contributing to for the class? 
I'll be sharing a project that combines a crafty trio: masking, punched shapes, and misting. You know I love to get my mist on (and all over myself, to boot). 

Here's a sneak of my layout:
The class also features exclusive digital content and cut files that had me grinning from ear to ear when I first beheld them. Here's a glimpse at a few of the exclusives (yep, there are even more!): 
Now here's the kicker: through July 24, Studio Calico is offering a sweet bonus for everyone who signs up for Toolbox (including those already registered) -- they'll be able to give a FREE (!!!) spot in the class to a friend. 

Awesome, right? 

If you aren't yet enrolled in the class, and would like a chance to win a free spot for yourself, be sure to stop by Geralyn Sy's blog, and then head to the Studio Calico blog, where you'll find more class sneaks and giveaways! 

If you'd like to check out some class project sneaks, here is a list of today's blog hop participants: 

Amy Tan | Stitching
Celine Navarro | Mixed Media
Shanna Noel | Digital

Jen Jockisch |




Thanks for stopping by today! 

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