Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

From time to time, musical acts visit Hawaii, though most of them play in small venues where the beer taps run freely, the oxygen is in short supply, and the whole place is standing-room only -- places where my daughter and I would never venture. A few times a year, though, there are actual concerts held at the Blaisdell Arena, the Blaisdell Concert Hall, or the Waikiki Shell, and once in a blue moon, these concerts are worth attending. Z and I have seen some great shows over the years, including Jason Mraz, Gwen Stefani, No Doubt, The Shins, and just a few nights ago...
The show was incredible. The group was inexhaustible, playing thirty-eight songs, including two encores. Robert Smith's voice hasn't changed at all over the years. I nearly broke into tears when the group started playing "Trust," and almost lost my mind when I detected the first familiar notes of "The Lovecats."

My daughter is a fan, but sadly, only one of the few her age on island, based on the lack of teenagers at the concert. She kept playing the "is there anyone else my age here?" game and losing. There were a few gray-haired folk a couple rows in front of us who were fully into the experience -- "we're thirty years too late, but we're here!" one of them shouted to the others just before the show. Thirty years?  Really?

I did the math, though, and he was right. It was a little over thirty years ago that my brother first introduced me to "Close to Me" by playing it on repeat all night long over the course of a month. Not long after, he gave me Standing on a Beach, one of the few Christmas presents I ever received from him, now that I think of it. Is it possible that after all these years, I have my brother to thank for giving me The Cure?

It's inconceivable to me that some people still don't get how amazing they are. Some people at the concert left before the first encore, and some left during it, and I just kept thinking, "Why did you even come?" They were probably waiting for their favorites, which is why I must give it up to the band for holding out until the second encore to unleash them all.  Too funny. It was gift for the die-hards only.

All in all, the concert was a landmark one for me. Plus, my daughter's musical education continued with one of the best field trips ever.
The morning after the concert I created this layout for Amy Heller's sketch challenge on the October Afternoon blog. There are no Cure-themed scrapbooking products, alas, but I think I made it work.


  1. what a great page and fun experience for you and your daughter. Love the way you captured the feeling of a concert w/those pix. And i like the way you zig zagged the stitching on your journal strips.

  2. Very cool layout to capture a cool experience. For me, it was Corey Hart and always will be. Unfortunately, he doesn't play anymore, but if he did, I'd crawl to the concert if I had to! :)

  3. what a FUN story behind the layout--FANTASTIC use of mist SO inspirational!