Monday, September 30, 2013

Little Nut

There is a cat on my lap at the moment. I think she's attached to me by an invisible bungee cord, because every time I push her off, she bounces right back up.

This is the cat who sleeps next to me at night, like my very own electric blanket (that purrs). It's lovely in the winter months, but during these summer days, no, no, no. Lately she's taken to crawling under the covers and sleeping with her head out on a pillow, like a human.  This all sounds so silly and sweet, until her tail moves up my back, and I wake in terror, thinking it's a centipede.  

This is the cat who wakes me each morning before my alarm clock goes off, yowling for food. When I stumble through the darkened house half asleep and clumsily pour way more cat food into her bowl than I should, I assume that it will all be worth it -- she will stop screaming. Nope. She eats a few bites, grumpily meowing, and then hurls herself at the door, urgently wailing to be let outside. 

This is the cat who chases the dog, who swipes at toes if they wiggle (which toes often do, unfortunately), who refuses to drink water from a bowl, who is attracted to olives and rubs her face against them, who has entire conversations in "meows" with her humans, who turns her nose up at her litter box even when it's clean, who goes ballistic when she picks up the scent of my daughter's sugar-free gum, who can tolerate exactly three strokes before she'll attack a brush, who cleans herself for what seems like hours, just as she is right now, on my lap. 

For all of my ranting, though, I can't imagine life without this pain in the butt. 
Little Miss Koko was the subject of today's challenge post on the October Afternoon blog.  The challenge is to loosen up on a layout by including scribbles here and there. I like the playful feel that the scribbling adds. It definitely suits the subject, though, perhaps, claw marks might have been more appropriate. 


  1. the colors are amazing here! and I love your post!I laughed out loud... with my Cat on my lap! I share your love of a crazy cat ! fab work as ever!

  2. As always, your stories make me love your layouts all the more

  3. I have a cat on my lap right now, too, making happy feet on my sleeve. :)
    <3 J

  4. I love this layout, and maybe that kitty, just a little. :)