Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: In a Word

It begins with a question, and becomes a quest. That uncertain, quivering "what if" or "why" sparks, igniting curiosity, giving rise to connections, to ideas, to imagination.


This is my word -- and my challenge -- for 2014.

In the past, the words that I have chosen at the onset of each year have related to the place in which I found myself when they were selected -- perspective, balance, matter, savor, sense. I don't treat the words like resolutions; they aren't things on a list to check off or accomplish. A word, given power and meaning, can serve as a reminder, a touchstone, an anchor, an identifier.

"Wonder" resonates for me. To truly embrace a sense of wonder requires a shift in mindset, in assumptions, in behaviors; it is a hopeful word, one that emerges from a space of uncertainty even as it prompts a step forward, toward possibility.

And that's my quest for the year: to recognize my uncertainty and vulnerability as starting points for true discovery. I'm going to WONDER.

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