Thursday, January 9, 2014

December Nearly Daily

In 2012, I decided to nickname my holiday album a December "not-so-daily" album, and now, as I look back at my album from this past year, I realize that I've been working on a December "nearly daily" album all this time. With the exception of the last week of December, when everything went by in a blur of wrapping paper and laughter and gravy, I was able to incorporate photos and journaling from almost every day of the month. Initially, I was hoping to have at least two or three events/moments documented per week!

I've shared most of the album here on my blog. Here are the final additions:

I realize that this sets the bar higher for next December, but I'm going to just chalk this up as an anomaly. 

Thanks for stopping by today! 


  1. I had to smile when I saw the candy on your page! As soon as I see this candy arrive in the store I grab a can and throw it into my cart. It's a small can of big Christmas memories and it brings me back as soon as I open up the can. I'm enjoying your blog very much. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great album! I love that it is nearly daily :) I also love those big words you used on many of the pages -- really highlights the meaning and moments of the season.

    Also, my blog reader was behaving poorly and jumping around, so I came to your blog post in the middle, and I knew it was yours, not only by your fabulous style, but also because I recognized your cat. :)