Sunday, January 26, 2014

In Which I Attempt to Scrapbook That Which I Know Nothing About

I confess: I have never touched snow. Ever.

Thus, reading my Facebook feed over the past few weeks and hitting "like" every time I read an update about someone grumbling about snow or low temperatures has left me wondering whether I lack empathy or whether I am just that ignorant about what snow really is.  When people post images of heaps of snow obscuring their front walks, or they include shots of their iPhones showing low temperatures, I don't think, "Oh, poor you!" or "I am SO lucky that I am in Hawaii right now."  Nope. Instead, I find myself thinking, "Man, I am so jealous."

I am just that ignorant, I suppose.

It's sort of like the tourists who come here having never seen the Pacific Ocean, walk right out to the edge of the reef, arms outstretched, taking in the miracle of the deep blue awesome, and then WHOOSH, get swept away.

Is that how it's going to go down with snow and me? Am I destined to meet my end in an avalanche because I romanticize the idea of snow?

I should know better.  The problem is that for every post that I read complaining about the evils of winter, three more posts exist lauding the wonders of the season. Snow angels! Skiing! Warm breath on frosty windows! A real reason to drink cocoa! Fireplaces that aren't ornamental!

Last winter, my husband was on the mainland for work, and he got to play in the snow for the four thousandth time in his life. When I say "play," what I really mean is that he stood in the snow, unsmiling, snapping requisite selfies to send to us back home.  It looked like playing to me.

As for me, I remain a snow spectator, only ever having beheld it on faraway mountaintops. This may explain why I, as a scrapbooker, generally shun patterned paper and accents that contain snowflake designs or cute little snowmen who appear to be smirking rather than smiling.

Then a few months ago, my daughter had a chance to go to Tahoe, and she got to frolic in the snow (along with a stylish pair of $145 Sorel boots she'll likely never wear again).  Her gift to me?  Photos, which I happily scrapped with winter-themed paper and accents that might have otherwise been neglected. I moved them, in disbelief, from the "as if" pile into the "actually using" pile, and created this layout:
With no small amount of glee, I used these October Afternoon papers and accents from the Eggnog, Silent Night,  and Milk Money lines and assembled a page about my daughter's first snowboarding experience.
So there you have it: I scrapbooked a page about SNOW.

Maybe someday I will actually find myself in the photos, arms outstretched, hopefully with NO avalanche headed my way.


  1. AWESOME LO! Love reading your blog!

  2. Ha! I have been watching the show hawaii Life and dreaming of moving to Maui or kuai! You can have my Alberta Winters!! Yes it is pretty when it snows, all diamond like and lovely. But the cold is horrible and the muddy melty stuff for weeks on end in the spring covering everything dark dirty brown is gross.

  3. Great layout, Jill! Visiting snow is lovely, but maybe not so much living in snow (per Heather's comment!)

  4. Awesome layout, Jill! And love your story!


  5. Love it! So glad you finally got to use all those hoarded snow accents. I too find myself with plenty of snowflake embellishments and wintery papers with no photos to scrap. No snow where I am either. And yes, I'm right in the middle of a heatwave. Positively sweating up a storm as we speak. Lucky my keyboard isn't shorting out. So yes, I get it!