Thursday, January 16, 2014

My First "Storytellers" Layout

I feel as if I just posted my holiday album yesterday, but nope -- that was a full week ago! It's been an incredibly busy week, and this weekend is going to be another busy one.

Somewhere in the midst of that week, however, I found a moment to slow down and to create a layout, and it turned out to be the best kind of layout, the kind that brings clarity and that leaves me feeling gratified, closer to whole. 
The layout is my first for Two Peas in a Bucket and its new "Storytellers" feature this year.  
During the second week of each month, the focus at Two Peas will be on exploring tools and strategies to assist in the telling of stories. In today's Storytellers video, I share an idea for how to tell a story through the use of a timeline. 
Although I went into the process with a general idea of how I wanted to use the timeline, I was not prepared for how working through my experiences this way would affect me.  

This year, the big question at Two Peas is simple but powerful:  "Why do you scrapbook?" 

This layout reflects one of my answers to that question: scrapbooking involves piecing together the fragments of memories, and through storytelling, those fragments are made whole. 


  1. a great layout indeed. fabulous journaling: such a clever use of those dates (stamps?). fab as ever.

  2. You are a stellar storyteller and wordsmith, Jill, as well as a masterful memory keeper. Thank you for sharing your heart through this wonderful page!

  3. Love everything about this layout - as usual. I also love your handwriting - its so flowery and so distinctive to you. I am glad you didn't let your dad leaving affect your chances at happiness. We can decide our own futures and not repeat past mistakes.

  4. beautiful layout which ties in so perfectly with your words. i have never been so open on a page, but maybe it is time I was..

  5. jill, you've managed to wow me yet again with your genuine journaling even speaking in poetic prose, and combining it with artistry. well done storyteller! :)