Sunday, February 23, 2014

What Sick People Do

1. Cough a lot.
2. Repeat "this sucks" often.
3. Cuddle all day with a happily willing dog.
4. Finish the second season of House of Cards whilst lying on the couch with a kleenex nose plug.
5. Look the feverish kind of hot.

After the fourth day of dealing with this bug, I am so over it. I am feeling a lot better today, though, having recovered my mojo along with my ability to taste food! Hooray! I found time today to work on a few upcoming projects, which I'll be sharing soon. In the meantime, here are some recent ones that I haven't yet shared here, starting with my first ever Crate Paper design team layout.

I created this layout in response to the "XOXO Story" theme on the CP blog, and as luck would have it, I did not have to search very long for a fitting story. The journaling explains it all!

I also have two recent October Afternoon layouts to share. The first I put together for a tutorial post focusing on how to create a title using washi tape:
I suppose the journaling on that layout explains it all as well.  :)

This week I joined Mandy Koeppen on the OA blog for a sketch challenge, using lots of layers. Here's my take on it:
My final layout was shared last week on the JBS blog, and it contains my February "love list." I used bits and pieces from my February JBS Mercantile kits here: 

Well, I'm off for another dose of cold meds. Funnnnn.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

JBS Mid-Month Kit Gallery

Maybe it's the time of the year, but I really did fall in love with this month's kits from JBS Mercantile. Given the abundance and variety of hearts in these kits, I just had to create a tribute to my furry Valentine. 
My second layout was sparked by the discovery of a Mary Oliver poem, "Magellan," which reminds me of my daughter's growing sense of wanderlust. At the end of December, we saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and she was really affected by it (so much so that we saw it twice and are still listening to the soundtrack on repeat).  After she saw it the first time, she tweeted, "Mark my words, I'll travel the world." Piece by piece, layer by layer, this page came together just for her. 
My third contribution to the mid-month gallery attempts to capture the colors and tastes of the farmer's market. A recent trip to the Big Island just so happened to be perfectly timed as to allow us to visit a farmer's market in Kamuela, and this layout serves as a reminder of the experience. That blackberry-blueberry-raspberry pie was easily the best pie I've ever eaten, and I may never have tried it, had the grandmotherly baker who made it not stopped me to offer me a bite. 
You can view the full gallery here! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lately. Currently. At the Moment. Right Now.

Remember "currents," a trend that started in the blogosphere a few years back (by scrappers like Tina Azsmus) featuring lists of "-ing" participles? Creating posts based on this format was a breeze, not to mention a convenient and entertaining way to provide a periodic update about what one was doing and thinking without the hassle of elaborating too much or striving for eloquence. There was something real and unfiltered and immediate about the concept. 

On this week's Two Peas in a Bucket "Storytellers" video, I share how one of the easiest approaches to the self-portrait post is also one of the easiest approaches to the self-portrait page. 
The beauty of the "currents" approach is that it pulls together fragments and unifies them through a repetitive structure. What connects these bits of "me" is the fact that they are all happening at a given point in time, and as different or as trivial as they may seem, they collectively speak to who I am, at the moment.  The result is a page out of the story of my life. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love from Wilna!

I don't need to tell you this, because you probably know it already, but I am going to tell you anyway:  Wilna Furstenberg is awesome. In fact, she's many varieties of awesome. She's artistically awesome. She's inspiringly awesome. And now she's upped the ante on awesome with her latest Two Peas in a Bucket workshop:
This one's a "mini" workshop, featuring seven projects (including five mini-albums), each of which says, "LOVE!" The workshop also includes instructional PDFs, cut files, and videos. To sweeten the deal, Wilna is giving away a Silhouette Portrait to one lucky class participant who signs up for the workshop within the month of February.

Since she's all about sharing the love, Wilna has also created a little something extra for those who sign up for the class using the link provided on this blog.  If you register for the workshop through that link, just email me your receipt (scrapjill at gmail dot com), and after I verify the receipt, I will email you a link to this lovely project by Wilna:
There is one little catch: this offer is only good until Saturday at midnight HST (Hawaii Standard Time).

If you decide to enroll in the workshop, have fun! I know you'll enjoy every moment of it, because, as we have established, Wilna is AWESOME.

Monday, February 3, 2014


One of the highlights of our trip to Portland this past October was our visit to Powell's, which is a bookstore so large that it occupies an entire city block.  I finally got around to scrapping my photos from that day, with a little boost from last week's sketch challenge on the October Afternoon blog. 
Papers and accents from the Milk Money collection found a happy home on this layout.  I also had a chance to work with -- play with, more accurately --  the new Daily Flash chipboard.  
I would love to go back to Powell's some day. Long live the bookstore!