Saturday, February 15, 2014

JBS Mid-Month Kit Gallery

Maybe it's the time of the year, but I really did fall in love with this month's kits from JBS Mercantile. Given the abundance and variety of hearts in these kits, I just had to create a tribute to my furry Valentine. 
My second layout was sparked by the discovery of a Mary Oliver poem, "Magellan," which reminds me of my daughter's growing sense of wanderlust. At the end of December, we saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and she was really affected by it (so much so that we saw it twice and are still listening to the soundtrack on repeat).  After she saw it the first time, she tweeted, "Mark my words, I'll travel the world." Piece by piece, layer by layer, this page came together just for her. 
My third contribution to the mid-month gallery attempts to capture the colors and tastes of the farmer's market. A recent trip to the Big Island just so happened to be perfectly timed as to allow us to visit a farmer's market in Kamuela, and this layout serves as a reminder of the experience. That blackberry-blueberry-raspberry pie was easily the best pie I've ever eaten, and I may never have tried it, had the grandmotherly baker who made it not stopped me to offer me a bite. 
You can view the full gallery here! 


  1. All three LOs are just beautiful but I absolutely adore the sentiment behind the story of you daughter wanting to travel the world. May all her dreams come true..x

  2. this gallery is just so fabulous, a firework of colors , beautiful accents and great words. LOVE!