Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lately. Currently. At the Moment. Right Now.

Remember "currents," a trend that started in the blogosphere a few years back (by scrappers like Tina Azsmus) featuring lists of "-ing" participles? Creating posts based on this format was a breeze, not to mention a convenient and entertaining way to provide a periodic update about what one was doing and thinking without the hassle of elaborating too much or striving for eloquence. There was something real and unfiltered and immediate about the concept. 

On this week's Two Peas in a Bucket "Storytellers" video, I share how one of the easiest approaches to the self-portrait post is also one of the easiest approaches to the self-portrait page. 
The beauty of the "currents" approach is that it pulls together fragments and unifies them through a repetitive structure. What connects these bits of "me" is the fact that they are all happening at a given point in time, and as different or as trivial as they may seem, they collectively speak to who I am, at the moment.  The result is a page out of the story of my life. 


  1. I really love the collage and this "currently" type of journaling. It's probably because I love making lists, ha ha. After all, I am "listgirl". :)