Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The best thing about being on spring break is getting to spend lots of time with my dog. Sure, there are other perks, like sleeping in and staying up really late and not having to sit it traffic and being able  to scrapbook more than a page a week, but by far, the best thing about being at home all day is getting to hang out with my dog. 

Seeing her at her day job has been quite illuminating. She basically just sleeps.  All the time.  

With us at home during the break, though, her routines have changed somewhat. After I let her out for her morning romp, she wanders back inside leisurely, acknowledges the food in her bowl, and then heads back to bed -- my bed. She will sleep the entire day away there, unless my daughter and I decide to grab lunch somewhere, at which point the jangling of my keys prompts the dog to lose her mind. She comes barrellling down the hallway, her legs barely keeping up with the force of her desperation. Panting heavily, she studies our faces expectantly until one of us asks, "Buh-bye?"  Then she goes nuts, exploding into an uncontrolled series of twirls and leaps, until she is safely in the car.  
I attempted to capture her euphoria in this layout that I created for a sketch challenge on the October Afternoon blog last week.
She's such a silly mutt.  Of course, she's sleeping right now.  Maybe if I just jiggle my keys...


  1. I love the grid like design. This cracks me up, I just love animals :)

  2. So cute. It's a fantastic page. Love the grid, the colors and little details

  3. I think Mazie and i would be good friends! (And as always i love your page!)

  4. I LOVE it! our key words are you wanna go for a ride?! SO fun that you scrapped this fun dog!

  5. Love this design and the colours are great. You put the lovelist little bits on your pages. :)