Monday, March 31, 2014

Calvinball: The End.

As a runner moves ever closer to the finish line, she often encounters the Wall, a psychological block that can only be overcome by drawing on her dwindling reserves of persistence and mental strength. If she pushes through, she will cross that finish line.

A runner I am not.

Heck, I can't even play a decent month's worth of Calvinball from the chair at my desk!  I hit that wall pretty quickly after launching myself into the race, as this, that, and the other thing happened all at once (and don't forget about that other thing and then the thing after that), and then BOOM -- March 31st arrived. Race over!

Still, I had low expectations, so the fact that I made some progress is worth celebrating. Didn't I tell you that I am more tortoise than hare?

Here are my Calvinball totals for the month:
  • Layouts completed since March 1: 13 (13 points) 
  • Mini-album pages completed since March 1:  24 (12 points)
Actually, that's kind of a lot for me. That's a CRAZY lot for me.  Yay tortoise!

And there's more! Bonus points:
  • Plugging Calvinball (1 point) 
  • Blogging Calvinball updates (2 points) 
  • Taking the style quiz and posting the results (1 point)

  • Learning a new tool, medium, or technique (1 point)
  • Sorting and organizing a section of your scrap area (1 point)
  • Dressing you or others to match papers you will scrap with (1 point)
  • Not being intimidated by Calvinball guru Celeste (1 point)
  • Okay, that's a lie (-1 point)
  • Monochromatic green layout (1 point)
  • Organizing and photographing a still life scene for a layout (1 point)
  • Scrapbook with a product the first day you buy it (1 point)
  • Scrapbook a photo the same day you take it (1 point)
  • Using a really old tool (1 point)
  • Having your child scrapbook with you (1 point)
  • Use vintage on a page (1 point)
  • Scrappy care package for a friend (1 point)
So there you have it: a grand total of 40 points. I can live with that. Until next year, Calvinball. 

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