Saturday, April 19, 2014

Geeks and Nerds and Dweebs and Dorks

For the past month on the Crate Paper blog, one of the themes has been "Nerd Love," which may seem like a simple concept, but around here, as I worked on my layouts, it inspired a debate about terminology. What is a nerd, really? My daughter claimed it had something to do with academic intelligence.  My husband agreed, but added that social awkwardness might be part of it. No, I said, I think that's a dweeb. Or maybe a dork. I just kept thinking about 1980's movies depictions of bespectacled students who lacked social graces -- were they misnamed "nerds"?  Were they in some other category altogether?

My daughter then refereed me to the following diagram:
Source: Nerdist (2010)

This did not quite settle the debate, but it helped me to use the term "geek" with a bit more certainty on the following layout:
She doesn't actually dress like this. She wears the shirt often, but the ensemble was actually her Halloween costume from this past year. 
The "Boys Rule" collection from Crate Paper was a perfect fit for this page. 
Following the pattern on the paper, I arranged clusters of my daughter's "obsessions" (a geek trait, apparently) in a circle.
The second layout embraces our family's shared nerdiness, by focusing on a holiday that we deem worth celebrating every year: 
I used the Style Board line here, mixed with more of the Boys Rule line, and created a misted "pi" background by die-cutting a bunch of pi symbols of varying sizes, and using the die-cut sheet as a mask.
Whether you call it nerd love or geek love or dweeb love or dork love, it's all good. 

Thanks for visiting today! 

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  1. Oh wow, I didn't know about Pi day. But I do love Pi by Kate Bush and will totally listen to it next year on Pi day, eating pie. Love your layout as well!