Friday, April 18, 2014

I Never Thought I'd Use This Word on a Layout

There are so many possibilities for the kinds of layouts that can be created with the April kits from JBS Mercantile, as evidenced in the DT gallery. The Papercrafting Kit, for instance, contains a bunch of bright and colorful papers, perfect for a springtime layout. So of course I created a layout with the word "CORPSE" in the title.

That may appear to be a non sequitur, but it applies to the spring, since the corpse in question is a corpse flower:
Titan anum, or the endangered "corpse flower," blooms every three to five years for only 24 hours. One morning, when the news reported that the corpse flower at Foster Botanical Garden would likely be blooming that evening, Z and I raced there after school, only to discover that the flower had not started opening just yet. Of course I took a bunch of photos anyway.

So what's the big deal with this flower?  Well, not only is it one of the largest flowers in the world, but when it blooms, it smells like -- you guessed it -- a corpse. Some have compared the smell to rotting fish guts.

When Z and I realized that we would be walking away from the site without knowing what a corpse smells like, we were a little disappointed but, admittedly, relieved. I'm not sure I want that smell in my sense memory!
The second layout that I created with the kits is more in line with bright and airy (non-fish guts smelly) subjects.  Well, sometimes she's smelly...but she's mostly just cute.
I snapped a few photos of Mazie in her four trademark postures and her four most frequented locales around the house.
I am by no means an expert bow-tier, but I so love the look of a bow on a layout.

I'm off to attend to the furkid. She's in her fifth most common locale and posture -- throwing herself against the door to let us know she wants in.  Charming.


  1. omgoodness! Ilove both of these LOs! funny as..x

  2. Love theses Jill! The corpse closer is very interesting amd i love that you captured it! The puppy is great too ,I love capturing the different places to find her!

  3. Jill, love both of these pages. You continually just do the most fabulous things with paper.
    Corpse flower... kind of hard to believe that one is endangered and there aren't popular national campaigns to preserve it! ;)
    Love love love that dog page. It's just that perfect balance of awesome-everything.

  4. oh my gosh, how cool is this! I always love your layouts, but the corpse flower one really captured my attention since it was from the Foster Botanical Gardens: my BF and I are planning a trip to Hawaii in July, and that's on my list of places to visit! Too bad you missed it blooming (although I have heard the stench IS pretty bad...) Still, the flower bud is strange and impressive looking.